Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1994/08/12

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Subject: Leitz Flash
From: "Philip Hiscock, MUN Folklore & Language Archive" <>
Date: Fri, 12 Aug 1994 14:53:37 -0230

I just found at a local junk store for $5 CAN (add in all the taxes,
20% in this province, and that's the same as $5 US) a Leitz flash,
including a lovely fan reflector, a shoe (non-hot) and half an
attachment cable, the half that plugs into the flash.  The other end
of the cable, about three inches away, is just a pair of bare wires.
Through I discovered it takes 5B bulbs and have ordered
some from a collector in Texas.
	Does anyone know when Leitz was making this flash attachments?
It takes a 22-volt "B" battery, the kind that is sort-of shaped like a 
nine-volt "transistor radio" battery.  No model number or other
identifier than "E Leitz Wetzlar Germany" is printed on it.  
	I understand the 5B bulb was particularly useful because it
threw out a wide angle of bright light.  Being someone who learned how
to use flash with the electronic flashes of the late 1970s, into which
you dialed a film speed, this is slightly confusing.  Did Leica users,
using this flash, have a range of bulbs for different speeds and
	Even if I never use this Leitz flash, I think the five bucks was
well spent on a small piece of furniture:  it's well-made and looks good 
clamped (with the help of the tri-pod socket in the shoe) to the back
of a bookshelf...
Philip Hiscock