Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1992/07/07

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To: leica-users
Subject: new members of the mailing list
From: Brian Reid <>
Date: Tue, 07 Jul 92 20:53:33 PDT

There are about 20 new members of our mailing list, so I thought that I
should send out a reminder of the instructions.

To send something to every member of the list, send to

To send something to the list maintainer (me), without it going to the
whole list, either send it to me if you remember my name, or send to

Several of you who recently subscribed to the list included in your
"please subscribe me" messages some comments that seem to me to have
been intended for the entire list. Unless I hear otherwise in the next
day or two, I'll forward your messages to the entire list.

Has anybody tried the Mamiya 6?