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To: leica-users (Leica List)
Subject: Re: light meters
From: Larry Bullis <polari!bullis@uunet.UU.NET>
Date: Mon, 11 May 92 16:11:03 PDT
Cc: kimbro!larryb@uunet.UU.NET

> I'm curious about what kind of light meters you old-camera users like
> to use. I have one light meter that I actually like to use and about 6

Generally can't get away with using Westons much anymore in my work 
because they are hard to keep working.  I still buy them when I find 
them at Goodwill for $5 or so, because I like to have good meters 

So I use a Luna Pro F, which allows both reflected and incident readings
as well as flash, and with the spot attachment, is indeed a spot meter.

I like this meter very much.  It is the null type, with a 0 position on
the scale and marks positioned in one stop increments above and below.
With a little getting used to, it is possible to use it for Zoney Baloney
just as well as the old Westons; maybe a little easier, actually.  The 
spot is perfectly adequate, offering a choice of 15 degree and 7.5 degree
angles, which is really sensible.  If I were confined to one meter, this 
would be it, even though it is bulky (though not very heavy).

Also, I use an old Spectra incident meter.  It is pretty wonderful, but
you have to deal with a lot of slides.



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