Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1992/05/10

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To: leica-users
Subject: light meters
From: Brian Reid <>
Date: Sun, 10 May 92 14:25:36 PDT

I'm curious about what kind of light meters you old-camera users like
to use. I have one light meter that I actually like to use and about 6
that I don't. Last week I couldn't find the one that I like (one of the
kids had picked it up and stuck it in an odd place; it's back). So I
started thinking about what I'd do if I had to buy another light meter.

The meter that I love so much is the companion meter to the Minox B.
It's tiny--about half the size of the Minox--and comes in a brown
leather case to match the Minox's case. It is very primitive--it only
works for f/3.5 and it knows about film speeds of 80, 40, and 20. But
it is absolutely accurate, very rugged, and fits neatly in my pocket.
(I just have to do the mental conversion from ASA-80 f/3.5 to ASA-100

I have several Weston Master meters and I have an ancient Honeywell
spot meter. All of them are very nice, but the Honeywell meter weighs
as much as my Leica and because it has so many dials it is hard to use
confidently without a lot of double-checking.

The Leica-meter is OK, but I don't like using the shoe to hold it
because I like to use bright-frame finders, and the Leica-meter is a
tad clumsy when it is being used as a separate hand-held.

So what light meters do you all use?

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