Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1992/04/08

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To: leica-users
Subject: Re: Summicronicles
Date: Wed, 8 Apr 92 23:59 EDT

Ken Wolman writes:
 "The ancient 90mm screw mount Elmar I use in an adapter
  is no less clear or color-worthy."

My experience with a 90mm Elmar wasn't as spectacular.
I found it to be downright blurry at f:4 and reasonably
sharp only beyond f/8-11.  Is this typical for this
lens?  My insecurity with its sharpness, the small view
through the IMARECT finder, and a bias for wider angles
keeps me from using this lens as much as I thought I would.

On the positive side, I'm delighted with the 50mm Summicron,
although my (informal) tests don't show it to be much sharper
or more contrasty than a 50mm Summitar (which is a lot cheaper!).
The Summicron seems to sacrifice a bit on low-aperture
sharpness and makes up for it mid-aperture.  Do I just
have a bad Summicron or a really good Summitar?

I'm probably happiest with my 35mm Summaron.  Beyond f/4, it's
probably one of the sharpest lenses I own.  With Tech-Pan
film and a tripod, I get some of the most enlargable(?)
35mm negatives I've ever had.


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