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Subject: [Leica] Are any moments trivial?
From: kididdoc at (Steve Barbour)
Date: Sun, 3 May 2009 05:58:03 -0700
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On May 2, 2009, at 9:37 PM, Ric Carter wrote:

> Are any moments trivial?
> I spent what seemed a trivial day today. The mower repair was not  
> finished, so I didn?t bother with the yard.
> I piddled on the computer with PAW 17. I made trivial comments on  
> this and other lists. Did a little work on The Mason.
> Rather than heat up the house, Kitty asked me to do burgers and  
> chicken on the grill. Beth pushed me to go cell phone shopping. Our  
> contract is expiring and so is her Razr. I was not looking forward  
> to it.
> I had a couple of beers while I grilled and continued to dread the  
> trivial shopping. We ate lunch, and after piddling even more on the  
> computer, I went up lay on the bed and took more of a nap than I  
> intended.
> Kitty offered to wake me to go cell phoning. Beth gave me a  
> reprieve, saying, ?Don?t bother.?
> I awoke late, poured down a Diet Dr Pepper and offered to shop. Beth  
> got herself together, and I grabbed a couple of Ms and a bag. Off we  
> went to the Alltel store.
> We arrive to a locked door?they close earlier than we thought.  
> Another trivial waste of time. As long as we are out, let?s head  
> over to Selma and take a look around?we cruise by the Amtrak station  
> and through the little downtown. There?s nothing happening?what a  
> waste of time.
> Loop finished, we headed back out toward home. Just before our turn,  
> I notice that the trees on the edge of a cemetery pond work well  
> with those new 12mm eyes. We swerve into the cemetery for my shot.  
> Beth is curious about a bunker-like structure, and heads off to  
> investigate.
> After my shot, I grab the car, join her to see this odd, modern  
> barrow. We hop back in the car and take long circle out. Never knew  
> that old burial gound was back there. We go to look.
> I notice a running car parked behind a line of trees at the back of  
> the cemetery?assume lovers necking in a semi-private spot.
> We walk around the old ground and talk about what we see. Take a  
> trivial snap or two.
> We head back to our car. I take a better (snoopish?) look at the  
> parked car. Something bright green peeks through under and behind  
> the car. Odd.
> My curiosity is tweaked for some trivial reason. I stop to take a  
> better look. Yea, green like a garden hose.
> I move closer while Beth sits in the car texting away on the dying  
> Razr.
> The green seems to take on a coil shape and one part seems to go up  
> and toward the back end of the car.
> I go a little closer. Yep that?s what it is?I?m pretty sure.
> I go back to the car and take Be?s phone, dial 911, and tell them  
> what I think I see.
> In less than five minutes, an ambulance rolls in, sees us waving,  
> and goes to the car. They snatch the hose lose, jimmy the locked  
> door of the car, and extract a young semiconscious woman from the  
> vehicle filled with belongings.
> Shortly, we hear coughing and crying.
> We interrupted a suicide attempt.
> I counted backward through every trivial, meaningless moment of the  
> day. No mower, too long nap, closed store... Only those exact  
> accidents and non-events would have added up to being where we were,  
> when we were. We should not have been there-trivial things just  
> added up that way.
> Nothing matters, and every tiny detail matters.

a truly amazing and moving story Ric....and you gave a second chance  
to someone....

chance favors the prepared, compassionate mind....many could have been/ 
were?  there, perhaps without making the difference.

You rarely write something this long, when you did I felt I should  
read it,


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