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Subject: Re: [Leica] Y2 Filter
From: Guy Bennett <>
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 09:13:53 -0800

>I'm sure this has been done before, BUT! When shooting b/w how many are
>using a medium yellow filter and what % of the time. Any comments that it is
>not as needed with Ilford Delta films as with the T X 400 (or Kodak in
>Cheers Wilber

After many a "yellow vs yellow green filter" discussion on this list, I
gave the yg filter a try and now use it as my chief b&w filter (I only
shoot b&w), over yellow. It creates slight (but noticeable) tonal
separation in greenery, and improves the look of a person's complexion on
film when the person is photographed in the shade.

How often do I use one? Certainly not 100% of the time, since I often shoot
indoors and, though the filter would probably not hurt the image in an
interior shot, I want all the speed I can get out of the film. I basically
use a filter when I'm shooting outdoors in relatively bright light and I
know that I'm going to get some sky in the image. I'd say that's probably
about 25-30% of the time.

Guy Bennett
Los Angeles, CA

P.S. Still use a yellow filter on my IIIF, as I don't have a yellow green
slip on filter for my LTM lenses.

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