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Subject: Re: [Leica] Y2 Filter
From: Mark Rabiner <>
Date: Wed, 24 Jan 2001 11:04:53 -0800
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Guy Bennett wrote:
> >I'm sure this has been done before, BUT! When shooting b/w how many are
> >using a medium yellow filter and what % of the time. Any comments that it is
> >not as needed with Ilford Delta films as with the T X 400 (or Kodak in
> >general)
> >Cheers Wilber
> After many a "yellow vs yellow green filter" discussion on this list, I
> gave the yg filter a try and now use it as my chief b&w filter (I only
> shoot b&w), over yellow. It creates slight (but noticeable) tonal
> separation in greenery, and improves the look of a person's complexion on
> film when the person is photographed in the shade.
> Guy Bennett
> Los Angeles, CA
I'm the biggest proponent of the yellow-green (060) I've ever met!
It was probably me!
It's my default filter. Wish i could use it for color!
My mom says that as i am part Irish my teeth should be yellow-green!!
It does absorb a stop so I'll take it off most often shooting inside. (but
sometimes forget)
I think this would be a good filter for Tech-pan by the way although I've never
tried it...
as that film is red hypersensitive.
It really gives my shots a nicer look i think(my main film is Delta 400).
Stops the sky from blocking up so fast.
And as Guy says is good for people. Any other filter that does anything will be
murder on skin tones.
An 060 is the only one with does well for them.
I have 061's now as well for a stop and a half's worth of separation. They are
"green" filters.
Looking for a DARK green. 2 or three stops worth of green! minus red!!

Mark (It's hard to be green!) Rabiner
Portland, Oregon

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