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Subject: [Leica] Tilley Two; The beginning
From: Mark Rabiner <>
Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 23:25:37 -0800
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A day before i left for Maui on the 7th i went last minute shopping for gear. Accouter.
Sandals, a bathing suit which fit.

But what I felt I needed was a White Tilley hat.
A little sheepish about it because I already have a Tilley hat. A tan one. Love it.
Wear it every day ever since the LHSA Colorado thing two years ago.
Been wearing it ever since. I don't see a lot of them around.
Keeps the rain off my glasses. The sun out of my eyes. My camera dry when it's
up to my face.

But for Maui it had to be a white one, It's White canvas.

You can't beat having a backup!
When one hat is in the wash what do i do?
I've got the other one! That's what!

In the Up Country in Maui I could have worn the tan one.
I didn't go there. Left that one at home
I stayed pretty close to the coast. The beaches, the water.

The white reflects a lot more tropical direct light and heat than a tan one
would as i
saw it.
Zone XIII while the tan one would be Zone VI.

I thought I'd use the tan for color and the white for black and white when I got
back to portland.
Then i realized i was delirious!! Beriberi!!!   ?
Not enough Vitamin C in the Piņa Colatas on the airplane trip on the way there.
Rickets!!!!  ?

So now I'm back in portland and I've got a choice of two Tilley hats to wear!
The white one does go well with blue blazer which i picked up. A tip from Sal.
Such a dashing figure I've become!
Having a backup has given me such confidence.
Just like a second body you have so many options!
You never know when you'll need a backup hat!

Mark (Any Hat i wear is home) Rabiner
Portland, Oregon

When the hat gets really hot i wear it behind my back like Roy Rodgers.
Or was that Hopalong Casidy?
Where's my shoot'en shells?

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