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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: Re: Leica 1
From: apbbeijing <>
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 22:20:10 +0800

on 10/8/00 9:19 PM, BOB KRAMER at wrote:

> ???  I'm afraid you've lost me here.  Why so?  The above statement doesn't
> seem to make any sense.

The reason I turned the query back to you in that way was that I don't have
any embarrassment about owning what my many years of experience working for
leading magazines and corporate clients tells me I need to do the job as
well as I can. You spoke of 'embarrassment' and 'gluttony' at owning more
than two so I spelled it out for you as I deduced that you had difficulty
justifying owning a substantial professional kit and moreover indicated that
my situation was improper.

Now maybe all you need to do to persuade your wife that you need more
cameras is to start working as a photojournalist in Uzbekistan or somewhere
else where Leica's 'worldwide network of service stations' as boasted of in
their sales literature falls somewhat short. If you come to China then she
might just say 'why not borrow one from Adrian' so that might not help...:^)

When I lived in UK and US I managed quite nicely with just two cameras and I
even hear of photographers who don't own a single camera yet make a good
living: rental can simplify life and accounting a great deal. I even heard
of a professor of English literature at a certain English University of some
standing whose boast was that he did not possess a single book. Ah


Adrian (who will be using three Leicas to photograph the President of Coca
Cola tomorrow and will hope that they don't all break down at once, in which
case it is down to a Contax T2 and my best smile)

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