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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: Re: Leica 1
From: apbbeijing <>
Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 22:54:45 +0800

on 10/8/00 9:17 PM, BOB KRAMER at wrote:

> Why was your silence fortunate?  Sounds like a reasonable question to me.

Because I am not a professional chef and no-one would pay good money for the
food I produce in my kitchen with my knives, nor for that matter with any
knives. I kept silent so as not to sound foolish.

> Just like me asking why in the world someone would need nine Leicas.  But I
> got it... your Leicas fail to work on an apparently regular basis, and no
> one in the pacific rim is capable of fixing them in a timely fashion, and
> airmail service to the US isn't available.  Okay.

Accidents happens, things get dropped or stolen (I have had two Ms stolen
one in a demo in Shanghai and one in Tibet), I believe that pretty much all
major and many minor repairs on Leica lenses from all corners of the world
are done by Leica in Solms these days though NJ is the only other full
service Leica repair facility. IME Solms and Wetzlar before them had very
slow turnaround on equipment repairs for whatever reason (I have heard
customs in Germany are to blame and/or the regional agents etc). One lives
with the inconvenience and irritation because the results are often worth
it. I have recounted elsewhere the sad history of my two R8s one which died
after a week or so of use and the other managed just a few months. Even a
routine fix like an RF adjustment cannot be competently performed by any
repair facility I have had the misfortune to bring my Leicas to in China.

Oh and airmail service to the US is available - but would you send a $2000
camera uninsured and with the prospect of a 120% import duty if/when it
comes back? And would you have two days or free time to handle the paperwork
and bureaucracy in Chinese for the sending and receiving of said package?
Makes more sense to me to have a spare and keep on working and then make
periodic trips to sort out such logistical problems or wait until work
brings me to Hong Kong, Singapore, London, NYC, Tokyo or some other
Leica-friendly place.

Yrs gluttonously


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