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Subject: Re: [Leica] Re: Developing Film in the Field
From: Shel Belinkoff <>
Date: Sun, 06 Aug 2000 16:09:38 -0700
References: <> <000b01bffff7$f544e040$df2564d8@gary>

Gary Todoroff wrote:
> Shel - once again, I can only recommend 
> the Cachet AB-55 B&W film developer.
> I would get the quart size, which
> is powder. You could use your water 
> bottle (do they still call them
> canteens?) with a quart measuring 
> mark and just carry AB-55 "dehydrated'
> into the field.

Hi Gary,

Since Part A & Part B of the developer have to be concocted
separately, and mixed with water heated to about 125-degrees, mixing
this in the field seems like a bit of a PITA, although premixing the
developers would be an acceptable alternative.  From what I recall,
the stuff is similar to Diafine in that a variety of films can be
developed at the same time.  Cachet seems to have more latitude with
time and temp though, which sounds like a good thing out in the field.

> Be sure to get a photo of your Nikkor 
> reels rinsing in the babbling brook -

You're assuming there will be a brook, babbling or otherwise <g>. 
Jean-Claude just posted a pointer to a site that gave good information
about washing the film effectively, and that seems to be the way I'll

The question that now remains is how best to dry the film once it's
been processed and washed.  Any suggestions?  Would just hanging it in
my car work, or do you think there's too much chance for the film  to
attract dust and dirt?

> Happy trails,

And Happy Trails to you ...
- -- 
Shel Belinkoff

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