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Subject: Re: [Leica] it DOESN'T work well for leica!
From: "Richard W. Hemingway" <>
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 20:57:39 -0500


You wrote:

>This is one of the biggest problems I face when using a 90 at max
>apertures. The problem tends to manifest itself more using a rangefinder. I
>just don't have the same problem using a 90/2 on my R7. I think it has to
>do with the ttl viewing.
Yes I have experienced the same thing with the 90/2.8-M and 74/1.4-M as
compared to the 80/1.4-R on the R8.  It is the main reason I went back to
the R system.  I shoot a lot inside and pretty much wide open (my other
lens is the 35/1.4-R).  I missed a lot of shots with the M6 and 75 at 1.4
and the 90 at 2.8 (which I shouldn't have missed, I think).  I was pretty
much nailing them with the other R8 I had, so I went back.  I have just
gotten the first slide film back (Kodachrome 64) and I have been pretty
much nailing them again, as I did the print film I used to take the church
dedication serivce I was asked to shoot.  It also was available light and
mostly 2.0 to 1.4 with both the 35 and the 80.  Ted has the secret with the
R8 - use the universal ground glass screen and not the one with the split
focus tht comes with the camera.

BTW two the most underrated lenses that I have used, IMO, are the 35/1,4-R
and the 80/1.4-R both of which I like as well as if not better than the
35/1.4-asph-M and the 75/1.4-M.  

Dick Hemingway
Plano, TX

P.S.  BTW2 - has anyone tried to the the 2X extender (not APO) on the

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