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Subject: Re: [Leica] I took the plunge and ordered M6
From: Rick Dykstra <>
Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 08:08:34 +1000
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John Coan wrote:
> 1.  Both my Leica lenses have the maximum aperture indicated with a click stop,
> where the diaphram blade are slightly closed.  You can turn the ring just a wee
> bit more.  Do people do this to eek out a little more light, or is it frowned
> upon as introducing all sorts of nasty image characteristics?

Nah, just use it the indicated maximum.  but also use it between stops
if that suits.
> 2.  Both my lenses have a little tab on the focusing ring to grab.  Is this
> common practice to use the tab, or simply grasp the ring in the traditional
> left thumb and forefinger manner?

I use the tab and find it very handy

> 3.  Anyone have experience using a Metz 40mz-3 with the 3501 SCA module with
> this camera?  Realizing that the flash will weigh more than the camera and lens
> put together and it sort of defeats the purpose of a small camera, for shots
> needing supplental lighting I figure it's a cheap investment since I already
> use the Metz system with my Contax medium format outfit.

Is yours a TTL model?  If so, it'll work realy well with the metz 40 and
sca 3501.  I use mine with a 50mz5 handle mount.  Unweildy yes, but I
like the power!  I also gota SF20 the other day, but no results yet. 
that a handy little flash for the M6, like it was designed for it.

> 4.  The ceremonial first roll of film.  I figure on using one of the saturated
> ISO 100 E-6 films.  perhaps Ektachrome VS or Provia F.  Comments?

E100SW looks great through my M6s. Very colourful.  Bit over the top
with some close up facial shots though. (Purple eyes!?!)  Astia is nice too.

Rick Dykstra

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