Archived posting to the Leica Users Group, 1999/10/26

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Subject: Re: [Leica] LTM lens
From: Bill Carson <>
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 17:23:11 -0700

Good for you, Dave.  There is very little that one can do with 2¼SQ. 6X9cm, 4X5
and larger that one who wants to do it cannot do with good 35mm equipment -- and
with much less strain and pain the darkroom [and on the poketbook].  Relax &
enjoy! Regards, Bill Carson

Dave Stratton wrote:

> Just this morning I purchased a 50mm/1.8 Canon LTM lens for use on the iiib
> that I had acquired a few months ago.
> I have little knowledge of the good and bad of rangefinder cameras  (I hope
> to learn more...and not all the hard way).
> Lens serial number is 3428xx, and  there isn't a mark on it.  It looks like
> a new lens (I know it isn't).  I used a bright light on/thru the glass and
> saw only a bubble or two.
> I payed $150 US
> Would like to know if such was a reasonable buy, and more importantly I
> would like to get some feel or expectation about what awaits me with this
> new addition.
> I shot an old tractor this weekend with the iiib(35/3.5 elmar).  The
> lens/camera combination predating the worn, rusty tractor be several years.
> The results of that experience has change my whole attitude about what
> limits surround 35 mm work.  I shot the image hand held, taking only seconds
> and half-minutes to frame and complete, and walk on to another.
> I have pranced around a tripod for periods of half-HOURS setting up a large
> format shot with no more expectation of detail and clarity that I captured
> on 35mm with a camera/lens combo that was taking pictures nearly 60 years
> ago.
> I will be doing significantly more shooting with the 35mm.
> Dave Stratton