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Subject: [Leica] Fuji GFX 50S and Hasselblad X1D versus Leica S
From: john at (John McMaster)
Date: Sat, 24 Sep 2016 18:21:42 +0000
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Will see what the results are like. Some who have seen raw files from the 
new Hasselblad find it sharp but bland, the lack of bland results is one of 
the reasons I use Leica ;-) The Fuji is interesting, it seems that they are 
the first to use the Sony sensor without an AA layer, also using microlenses 
just like.....

 The extra pixels (51MP vs S 37.5MP) count if printing +1m wide or making 
large crops, but make little difference the rest of the time. Leica lenses 
being sharper than the original Hasselblad H range (the Mk IIs seem better) 
as well as faster -  we will see what the future offers.....


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As much as I am fascinated by the prospect of using a sensor of higher 
resolution than Leica's S bodies in these two newer cameras, I keep 
recalling the comparison by one popular blogger's comparison of the Leica SL 
against Sony A7R2. The photographs of the former consistently had more 
details than the later which had almost double the resolution.

Currently using the S2 with two native lenses, 70 and 120 as well as the 
35,45,55,80, 120, 140 of adapted Contax 645, the sizes and SLR styled bodies 
of the Fuji and Hassy is akin to these two other companies with long history 
of producing medium format lenses very appealing indeed.

I also use the MF film bodies of FUJI GSW690III, GA645Zi, GA645Wi and GX680. 
I find the lenses more than capable. The first 3 bodies are light and 
auto-focuses. They pre-date the Leica S system. So is the new FUJI MF 
digital a serious challenger to Leica 

Coupled with EVF, it is almost like comparing the Leica M to Fuji X Pro 
Series. Yet my own tests show that the output of the Fuji is pretty much 
muddier. One might say that the resolution and size of the sensors are 
rather different, I suspect it is more than just these two factors. Perhaps 
the processing engines of Leica M and SL is superior. 

Until one gets hold of an actual copy to compare, everything is pure 
conjecture... Herein lies the fun and the quest.
Just booked the Leica S adapter L to use Leica S lenses on my SL body. Gonna 
be real exciting!

Happy Shooting! 

David Ching

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