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Subject: [Leica] A Tale of two flags
From: bjq1 at (Bernard Quinn)
Date: Wed, 21 Sep 2016 21:18:11 -0400
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Thank you. I just got a new car. It is my retirement present to myself. It 
has automatic electric everything and it's IQ is twenty five points higher 
than mine. It is supposed to lock itself as you walk away. Perhaps it 
didn't. Perhaps I do not yet fully understand he to work my new car. We will 
never know. Perhaps they were able to deflect the drivers side window to 
slide them through.

I have done all that can usefully be done . I said something. Our neighbor 
Lynn publishes a newsletter for the people who live in our village. She 
warned people about happened and urged them to be vigilant. At first I was 
pretty upset but the reality, Thank God, is that no one was hurt and no 
damage was done. Behind that we'll never know.


Barney Quinn, WK3Z
C: (301) 775-1386
H: (301) 654-0938

> On Sep 20, 2016, at 8:11 AM, Douglas Barry <imra at> wrote:
> Razor blades? That's terrible, Barney. How on earth did they access the 
> car? What did the police say? I hope they tested the blades for DNA and 
> that the culprit is found. Mind yourself.
> Douglas
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> Subject: [Leica] A Tale of two flags
>> Someone scattered some single edge razor blades on the drivers seat of my 
>> car overnight. I noticed them before I got in the car. Thank God. I want 
>> to tell you what I saw and felt. To my eye the scene was very much 
>> dominated by the so called confederate flag. To me it symbolizes so much 
>> I do not want this Nation to be about. It feels to me as if these 
>> negative and hateful things are close to overwhelming us. A boat docked 
>> several spots ahead of Net?s Pride is flying an American flag which is 
>> flapping proudly in the breeze. To me Old Glory symbolizes what I think 
>> our Nation should be about. Fairness, Justice, Tolerance. Just as the 
>> American Flag in this picture is small, and isn?t so easy to see it feels 
>> to me as if these very worthwhile and necessary goals are now only a 
>> glimpse of something distant and far off swamped and overwhelmed by what 
>> is going on this election year. That is what I felt. It is what I saw. It 
>> is why I took and posted the picture.
>> Thanks for the razor blades. I have been warned. Let me return the favor. 
>> For those of you who think that the system doesn?t work, that you have 
>> been passed,  and that this justifies your anger and tactics because the 
>> system needs to be shaken or and taken down. You may not think that you 
>> have much to loose. But you do. Far more that you realize and you may 
>> well not know how much until it is gone. Beware. The fire that you seem 
>> so anxious to start can just as easily consume you as it burns everyone 
>> else.
>> I apologize for the rant, but it was very important to me to say this.
>> Thanks,
>> Barny
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