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Subject: [Leica] Arctic full set
From: hjwulff at (Henning Wulff)
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2016 20:56:13 -0700
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Hi Ted,

Yes, it was a huge amount of fun!

But then, most of photography, even (or especially) when I got paid a lot 
for it was fun. But this trip was definitely something special. I've been 
fortunate enough to travel a lot, ever since I was quite young, and going 
into the Canadian high Arctic was always one of my dreams. It used to be 
crazy expensive; you could fly anywhere in the world for half what it cost 
you to get to Ellesmere Island, and once you got there... there'd be a 
totally barren landscape mostly covered in ice and nowhere to sleep, nothing 
to eat, and no way to get anywhere except by walking. 4000 years ago people 
lived here year round at 84?N, but I surely don't know how to do that, nor 
am I inclined to learn how to do that at present.

Now we are in a period of change, between the arctic being icebound year 
round, and changes more profound than we could imagine for any area on 
Earth. We can still see the arctic for what is was, and also for what it 
will be. And it is an amazing place, and now it is starting to become 
accessible. This has become a place I can go to without a government's 
budget, and I'm grateful.

Henning Wulff
hjwulff at

On 2016-09-19, at 12:44 PM, Ted Grant <tedgrant at> wrote:

> Hi Henning,
> The photos I found most fascinating where the cliffs and rock formations
> created during the centuries of earthquakes & erosions.
> On many of my assignments to a number of arctic locations from East to west
> and to the North Pole 1967. :-) 
> So much of the land mass was amazing and eye catching. No question, it's
> about as barren and void of ground growth of any land areas I've ever been
> elsewhere on the planet.
> Looks and sounds like it was a  great trip. I wouldn't mind one as a 
> holiday
> rather than an assignment! Makes shooting pictures far more relaxing when
> there isn't the pressures of "work!" :-)
> Truthfully even as an assignment "it" was never "WORK!" Merely varying
> degrees of fun! And enjoying it all!
> cheers,
> ted 
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> Subject: [Leica] Arctic full set
> There are now 83 items in the 'Canadian Arctic 2016' album from our trip in
> August, including bear pictures. We saw quite a bit of wildlife, but a lot
> of it was fleeting or hard to identify unless you were watching carefully,
> as a lot of it was at quite a distance. We saw a couple of bowhead wales,
> some narwhal, walrusses, various seals, muskox as well as many of the
> infamous 'muskrocks' which look very similar at great distance. Also a 
> large
> variety of birds.
> Most of my wildlife shots were taken with the 100-400 Panasonic-Leica zoom
> which was an excellent choice for this trip. My next most used lens was the
> 12-40/2.8 Olympus, then the 7-14 Panasonic and last, mostly because of
> insufficient reach, the 40-150/2.0 Olympus. I took about 7500 shots on this
> trip. A UV filter was kept over any lenses that were out when we were in 
> the
> zodiacs, and the equipment was rinsed off in the shower after any 
> noticeable
> salt water splashing. Everything worked perfectly.
> Contrary to Africa, where I have taken full frame shots of lions with a 
> 35mm
> wideangle, I wouldn't try that on a polar bear.
> Henning Wulff
> henningw at
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