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Subject: [Leica] Sitges Correfocs 2016
From: lluisripollphotography at (lluisripollphotography)
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2016 00:52:32 +0200
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Hi Ted!

Since 1971 I knew my wife, I?ve been every Summer at the Sitges ?Festa 
Major? (Big Town Festival), every year shooting and never a damage, me or my 
camera, I always have a UV Filter, one year my filter was damaged, the only 
time, the advice to shot safely is act very fast ?see and click? and protect 
your camera, the second safe thing is to be as close as possible, the fires 
pass over you, if you go far away the fires go against you! But even on this 
case it is not dangerous or never nobody had a serious accident, sometimes 
very small burns, the advice is go dressed without articial dress (nylon 
etc?) with a hat and glasses to be protected, for your information, I never 
go with glasses or a hat? Just one year it was an accident, to one of the 
?demons? carrying the fires. In the September 2013 our commun friends Geoff, 
Greg, Gene, Alastair  came with me to Sitges, I?m sure they still remember 
very well the Fiesta!!! In addition the Sitges streets are very narrow, 
Nathan knows also, you can imagine or maybe not? what is to be at 2 meters 
of the fire?.! I?m sure you with your experience you have shared with us you 
have been in much more really dangerous situations! 

I still have my pictures from the year 2015 to post and if I look, of many 
years ago too? I will take a look.

Thanks for looking, I?m glad you?ve like it!


> El 18 set 2016, a les 4:10, Ted Grant <tedgrant at> va escriure:
> WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-) :-) :-)
> Lluis, I can't imagine all those fireworks flying about and people not 
> being burnt? Maybe even losing an eye or two?
> Isn't it dangerous? Picture wise quite interesting. 
> However not an event I would want to be in the middle of!
> All those burning bits flying and floating about in the air must  create 
> some injuries? IF NOT? People just have to be LUCKY?
> Obviously, a great event to photograph, but I would want fire proof 
> clothing or a "Fireman's" protective clothing.
> Oh Yeah great? A big burning piece lands on the front element of the 
> camera lens? Burn marks in the glass and you have to buy a $4,000 lens? 
> OUCH! :-(
> OK Lluis, so tell us how dangerous it is for you shooting it?
> cheers,
> Dr. ted
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> Thanks for looking, your c&c are welcome
> Saludos cordiales
> Lluis
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