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Subject: [Leica] IMG: It's Sure Not El Raval !
From: lluisripollphotography at (lluisripollphotography)
Date: Mon, 12 Sep 2016 02:24:39 +0200
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Hi Ted!

Exactly, I full agree, you have described it much better than me!!!

Actually with the only subjects I really act carefully and many times I?m 
not comfortable is when I try to shoot a child, it is really a shame because 
I loved photography of children? As you say Ted, the PLANET is covered with 
guilty people and should be in jail?!


> El 12 set 2016, a les 2:13, Ted Grant <tedgrant at> va escriure:
> Hi Lluis & Jim,
> One simple thing that can make a major re-action good, bad or ugly! And 
> Lluis you kind of mention the same thing?
> Stay loose and friendly with a smile.
> Sometimes making a comment like?
> "Oh would you like to see it? It's very cool. It's quite nice or should 
> be? If you like it? I can send a copy to you when we ? Or "I get home in 
> Canada!" Or whatever your home country is." 
> This usually makes you a "visitor to the country or city, you are in as 
> the person in the photo quite probably is??"
> Just don't look guilty like you did something bad or shameful! Keep a 
> pleasant look and keep smiling as much as you can.
> Oh it doesn't always work simply because the PLANET is covered with guilty 
> people who actually are "bad" and should be in jail or hung! oops!! Sorry 
> that's a bit violent!  Forget that! just smile! :-)
> cheers,
> Dr.ted  C.M.  O.C.
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> Subject: Re: [Leica] IMG: It's Sure Not El Raval !
> Hi Jim,
> Yes, she is cute and it is a nice scene, I agree that the old World has a 
> different charm. 
> I?ve read too the Ted?s comment, I have to say that at least my short 
> experience on a week in NY in 2005 was a very pleasant photographic 
> experience, and I had no problem at all shooting people, well ? many time 
> I was with my cloak of invisibility?. , but seriously some pictures I took 
> pointing directly my camera to the people and been clearly noticed I never 
> had a problem, the people was always very kind, maybe NYC is a special 
> different place for the touristic influence??
> My humble advice when do you shoot people is never feel ?guilty? to have 
> shot them, if your attitude was this one the people would ask himself what 
> this man has do and why?? If they noticed me I smile looking for 
> complicity with them, other times I do an idiot expression looking around 
> as ?m photographing everything I see. Don?t have a complex if you shot a 
> beautiful lady, if you do it with respect generally you will never have a 
> problem they are happy to see that someone has appreciated she are beauty 
> ?. Many times, after shooting I establish a conversation with the person 
> and I keep her/his mail to send them the photo.
> Of course, before to point my camera to someone I point it to a different 
> area to allow me prepare the proper settings and later shot very fast the 
> person, I usually operate in manual settings. 
> I hope this helps...
> Lluis
>> El 10 set 2016, a les 1:54, Jim Nichols <jhnichols at> va 
>> escriure:
>> I always admire the images that Lluis and others post of the characters 
>> that haunt the restaurants and watering holes of Barcelona's El Raval.  
>> When I go out in my small town, the clientele are completely different.  
>> The "old world" has a lot more charm! But, the little lady was a cutie!
>> Comments and critiques welcomed and appreciated.
>> -- 
>> Jim Nichols
>> Tullahoma, TN USA
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