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Subject: [Leica] M8 problems
From: hlritter at (Howard Ritter)
Date: Sat, 14 Nov 2015 10:39:14 -0500

When I turn my M8 on, the first thing I see is the message: ?SD-Card full?. 
But it isn?t, not nearly. When I push the PLAY button, it tells me: ?No 
valid image to play?. But there are images. (The card is read normally, and 
its images displayed, by the M240.) When I press the M8?s MENU button, the 
menu is displayed normally. But when I select Format SD-Card, it will not 
reformat the card?it doesn?t progress beyond the ?Do you want to format the 
SD-Card?? screen when I push the Yes button. All that happens is the red 
light flashes rapidly. I have to remove the battery to get out.

Reformatting the same card in the M240 proceeds normally, but the situation 
is the same when it?s put back into the M8, and the M8 gives the same 
notices when I try the M240?s SD card in it.

When I try to install the current firmware update that?s been downloaded 
onto the SD card, again the M8 reports ?SD-Card full?.

(By the way, all you M8 users: Contrary to Leica?s online instructions, the 
M8 firmware update file is NOT a .zip file, and does not need to be 
decompressed into a .upd file that gets put onto your SD card. It?s already 
a .upd file and only needs to be downloaded and transferred in its native 
state to your SD card. (Sorry if this is common knowledge that?s already 
been shared, but I haven?t updated my M8 in years.) The instructions for the 
M240 are different, and the update file for it is a .fw file that likewise 
isn?t a compressed file, or at least not one that needs decompressing by the 

Any solution short of sending it on a trip to NJ?


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