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Subject: [Leica] BIG new Leica
From: roark.paul at (Paul Roark)
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2015 14:23:57 -0700

Frank Dernie wrote:

> ?...
>  much easier to design an exceptional lens if size is not a constraint.
> ?...

?Yes, everything is a whole set of compromises.  I assume Leica and Zeiss
will both continue to make optics that also cater to those who value
compactness.  The M line is Leica's current showcase of what it can do.  It
may be that the Loxia line for the Sony is representative of what Zeiss can
do for that platform.

Since wide angle optics are the main area of my concern regarding the Sony
line, I was curious just how much of a penalty that platform will pay.  To
show this, I made a Tiff file with a cutout of the Leica v. Zeiss Loxia
21mm f/2.8 entries into this competition shown on different layers.  The
images are adjusted to equalize size and distance from the sensor/film.
Some might find looking at the two similar optics interesting.  Download
the Tiff from

As to relative sharpness, all we have are MTF curves that are not
necessarily comparable.  If they are to be believed, the Zeiss wins by a
hair.  My experience is that Leica is more conservative in these, and in
the real world Leica might well win by a hair.   The main and more
objective measure of performance that could be important is that,
consistent with the performances we see in other wide angle lenses, the
more retrofocus optic has less vignetting. Zeiss is claiming light falloff
at f/2.8 that is equal to the Leica at f/8.



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