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Subject: [Leica] Highly Intelligent Crop Factor Overview
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Sun, 4 Jan 2015 20:28:06 -0800
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My last words on this. :-) TRUE! :-)
No matter how much I read the messages? All that happened was I became more
stupid than I was before I started! But that's quite simple for a non-techie
type like me.. 

See once I learned how to put film in a camera or change a lens I never
bothered with anything else. Oh yeah and what ASA meant and how to set a
hand meter eventually moving along to some of the built in cameras.

Oh I had to learn how to use a 4X5 Speed Graphic, load film holders and
magazines. Oh yeah and soup the film in little 4'X4' film souping rooms!
Here's how? :-)

Boss man says: "OK Ted never mind that tiddly little plaything camera,
here's a man's camera! Pay attention as I'm  going to only show you once how
it works in the next few minutes before you go out on your first

And he did! :-(  Like in about 15 minutes was the "HOW TO LESSON!" Just one
show and tell all the details followed with>>>>>>>> "OK ? DON'T WORRY, JUST

YOU CAN GET GREAT PHOTOS WITH TWO SHOTS!"  And I did my 3 assignments that
evening and didn't screw-up anything! :-)

Then 65 plus years later you guys come along with all this digi- crop (I
nearly put CRAP?") ;-) So frustrated, I called my LUG friend Henning Wulff
and asked him to please explain what are they talking about? 

He did very simple and eloquently! Thank you Henning very much. And yes he
explained it very gently so that as we spoke I understood exactly what all
these major concern's were all  about. We said "Good bye" and I forgot most
of what he said as we hung-up! Oh well !!!:-( YOU DIDN'T REALLY THINK I'D

MY RESPONSE? It's completely meaningless unless you happen to be a "Major
Techno Freak !" More concerned about digital tiddily thingies of crop and
image size of all those little things that make a print on  a page! The
"REALITY?" In 99.99% of the time? It doesn't matter! Unless? 

Once again "ONE IS A TECHNO FREAK!"  OR unless you have a magnifying glass
to search the image to see the difference. None of all this "crop stuff"
isn't going to make your photography any better?

What I'm constantly telling you!!!!!!!! "IT'S THE CONTENT THAT COUNTS!" Sure
we want beautiful prints anytime! That's a given! But what you guys see and
what I see must be astronomical differences? I've spent  several months
printing Number 1 Son's Iphone photos! I tried 13X19 size and scrubbed it
immediately! Looked something like  B&W film at ASA 6400 for grain or
whatever those little digi things are called? Drop the print size to 11.7 X
16.5 and they're smashing great prints of smashing great content! Colour &

OK my relationship  with so much of the constant meaningless diatribe that
comes up for weeks on end! I'd bet a $100.oo that the ratio of CREW who
understand what you're talking about, compared to those who don't have a
clue what it's all about is ONE in 500!

It's something like the "viewfinder on the M8!" Has some kind of thing about
it the techie folks don't like?

ME? Hell I didn't know there was as I pop lenses on mine..................
15mm, look through camera view finder all looks cool? Square the center
point. CLICK! I look at the screen? OOPS! I make an adjustment returning to
the M8 view-finder.... CLICK!  And the image looks cool!

Pop on my Noctilux ??  "CLICK!" What you see is what you get! A COOL
NOCTI-PHOTO.:- Oh what was that "problem with the view finder???????? 

There you go CREW the old guy needs a nap.

See Ya... have fun with the cropping whatever that means?  :-) :-)

The "mean-ass Dr. ted!"  :-) (( Or whatever description you wish to hang on
him? )) ;-)


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