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Subject: [Leica] Opinions Wanted: Sharp or Fuzzy?
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2014 11:24:08 -0800
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Hi Richard,
I'd shoot these at a time during the day or evening without traffic!
Certainly without modern day vehicles! They "kill the ancient/old effect" I
believe you are trying for?

"SHARP or FUZZY?" Let the street/ building scene dictate this! And not the
computer screens of several nice folks with a 100 different opinions! Me
being one of them. ;-)

Or now you've had a go at it with both type of lenses and because this is

Because if you rely on the mixed opinions of the CREW??????????????????
You'll go crazy! But that's life when you ask an honest question from a
collection of very talented photographers! And we all mean well in our

Better me old son, you take whatever lens cranks your clock with the
greatest "I love it effects for you?" And you run with it until your project
is finished. Then at the end, you lay the images out for all to see! And
they'll be received with the whoops and yells of a great number of very
satisfied bunch of buddies! And in the "EVENT YOU DON'T GET THAT KIND OF

You quietly? Tell them to "GET STUFFED!" :-) Smile and print a book or
create a fantastic gallery presentation! WHY? Quite simply because it's
"your project" If you love it? That's really who counts only!"  :-)

"Off with you now and produce a smashing great photo project!" :-) 

Dr. ted :-)  

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Subject: [Leica] Opinions Wanted: Sharp or Fuzzy?

I am starting to do a series on "Old Buildings that have not been Torn Down
Yet" (*may be slightly tongue in cheek*) Anyway, I am considering whether
to use one of those old style fuzzy-lens to get certain effect and feelings
across. Attached are 2 pics from the fuzzy-lens and 2 from normal 4x5 lens.
The Stanford Theater shows up on both set so can serve as nice comparison.

What are you opinions? Which "style" speak to you more? I know the "correct
answer" is which one *I* prefer, but  like to hear others' opinions. Thanks.



// richard <>

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