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Subject: [Leica] For trade? Or, maybe I'm just way off base.
From: skalte at (Susan Ryan)
Date: Sat, 06 Dec 2014 16:36:54 -0700
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I only used the 1.0 wide open and that's how I'd use it on the MM. Thanks 
for the input. I generally prefer the look of pre-ASPH LENSES, but I've 
never  had the opportunity to closely examine their effects when used on an 
MM. After looking at prices of things, and considering the input from Lluis 
and Tina, I will likely sell the .95, look for a nice used MM and think 
about whether I can justify extra $ for a 1.0. I have a pre-ASPH 50 
summicron that I use a lot, but I do still miss my 1.0. 

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> On Dec 6, 2014, at 1:59 PM, John McMaster <john at> wrote:
> I would expect the MM/f1 to cost more than the f0.95 is worth. As for the 
> f1.0, it is lovely on the MM but I only ever use it wide open. If that is 
> how you use it nothing else comes close, if it is often/usually stopped 
> down then look at a pre-asph Summilux? The MM gives noticeably different 
> looks with pre-asph and asph lenses, both are excellent but in different 
> ways....
> john
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> Richard,
> Richard,
> My question wasn't about the the utility of a trade since I am not using 
> the .95 enough to factor into my current % happiness in number or 
> perceived quality of images. I am just wondering if the dollar value of 
> such a trade would be equitable. 
> Party A has a Nocti 1 and Monochrom they don't use, but would really like 
> to own a barely used Nocti .95. Party B has a Nocti .95 she doesn't care 
> much for but who would like to own and use a Monochrom and Nocti 1.0. 
> Assuming comparable working condition of all the equipment, would the 
> monetary value in such a trade be relatively equal? 
> Sue
> Hope that helps. 
>> On Dec 6, 2014, at 12:57 AM, Richard Man <richard at> 
>> wrote:
>> Just for argument sake - lets say a Monochrom and the F1.0 lens give 
>> you 10% better images, would you then be a 10% or more happier with the 
>> images?
>> It's effectively the same camera, operation wise, as your M9. So if 
>> you are happy with, for example, 10% of you current images, then you 
>> will be 11% happy. Is that good enough?
>> On the other hand, it's your camera equipments. Do what makes you happy.
>>> On Fri, Dec 5, 2014 at 10:59 PM, Susan Ryan <skalte at> wrote:
>>> After seeing Perter's Monochrom photos and Steve's Nocti 1.0 photo, 
>>> I'm experiencing som ennui. I'm also kind of just disgusted with 
>>> myself for even asking this question. Would it be a bad idea or less 
>>> then equitable either way, to try to swap my 1.5 year old, used only 
>>> a handful of times, Nocti .95 for a used Monochrom and Nocti 1.0 
>>> combo? I would really love a Monochrom (I have an M9 I am not 
>>> interested in selling) and I really prefer the Nocti 1 to the .95 
>>> bokeh. I'm not somone who sells and re-buys equipment. What I have is 
>>> wonderful. Just wondering if I am missing something thinking this 
>>> could be a fair trade if I found an interested, trustworty dealer or LUG 
>>> member.
>>> Thoughts?
>>> Sue
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