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Subject: [Leica] Fwd: Lug book deadline
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Thu, 27 Nov 2014 08:54:57 -0800
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>> No problem, my Delete Key works fine.
But yes I do feel a little foolish, having put so many hours into this book
for the LUG so far, for so little apparent interest thus far.
It's not MY book. Well I will do everything I promised as a service to the
group. The rest is up to what LUG members want.<<

Hi Geoff,
Most of the members have absolutely no idea how much work it takes
assembling page after page putting it together! Why? Well they've never
worked on assembling books. And "Yes I have!"  I bet you are surprised how
much there is and more so during the next few weeks! It's going to be a
"HEAD BANGER" to complete the task!


Yes Geoff you volunteered for the job so you can't really complain. But we
know whatever it takes, you as Jim did time after time...... BITE YOUR
TONGUE and press on making it happen. AND THAT'S FOR THE GOOD OF ALL MEMBERS

Jim never or rarely ever really complained nor gave up...... particularly
when so many diddled around waiting to shoot that so-called "World smashing
last moment, moment!" Never or rarely HAPPENS! WAKE-UP SEND THE DANG

People who hang onto the concept of waiting to the last second are nothing
but inconsiderate SOB's regardless of the cut off date.

If by 1 Dec. and you don't have a couple of neat photos in a book folder on
the desktop to quickly select and send? You sure as hell aren't going to
likely have one or two within the next 20 days!

After all we are not shooting the cover of "LIFE MAGAZINE!" This is for "OUR
BOOK! YOURS AND MINE!" Regardless whether there's a few weeks to go?  Suck
it up and send your two images right now! YES I MEAN RIGHT THIS VERY DAY!!!

I realize some of you (thank goodness not all!) become annoyed with me and
my book rantings each year. I have been told sometimes they're funny and
they actually wait for me to start! :-) Oh what the heck, you all know my
"BARK is worse than my BITE!" ;-)  I don't start it! The slackers who can't
pop a couple of images to the editor as soon as the PHOTO CALL pops on the

OK lads and lasses please get on it today! PLEASE AND THANKYOU.

Dr. (barking dog) ted :-)

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