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Subject: [Leica] Maybe of interest?
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Thu, 13 Nov 2014 17:31:27 -0800
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Hi Douglas,
Well good Sir thank you most kindly for the "phoning suggestion"
particularly in the middle of the night. :-) I have thought of many most
hurtful "revenge things" during every second of a 24 hour daytime.

It unfortunately isn't possible to bring any kind of "PAIN OF ANY KIND UPON
HE AND HIS NEFARIOUS PARTNERS!" WHY? Well it seems he has disappeared.
Maybe some other person did him in and his remains are yet to be found? :-)

I found a much better way to deal with the overall situation! Despite the
unbelievable rages I went through at the beginning! Much like a "FIT TO KILL

And that is "Get over it as quickly as one can, take deep breaths and slowly
count to 100!" You can throw in a quiet kind of settling little prayer to
make you calm down a bit more." BEFORE YOU LOSE CONTROL AND HAVE A HEART
ATTACK!" Then you truly are the big loser completely.

Press on into another personal book or photo project enjoying your life
doing what you love most! Being a successful photojournalist!" By the same
token when dealing with publishers..............? Make sure you stay right
on top of them during conversations and their "promises?"

Dr. ted :-)  


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Ted, that's terrible. If the publisher is still active, even if he/she is 
working in a burger joint, I wouldn't let them forget what they did to you.

Of course, if your friends around the world knew the phone number of the 
head of the defunct publishing house, they might remind him/her of his/her 
failings.....say once a month for a year.... in the middle of the Canadian 


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Subject: [Leica] Maybe of interest?

> MAYBE OF INTEREST? Collector's copy book!
> Many LUG members during past years have purchased one or the other of my
> coffee table size hard cover all B&W Leica available light shot books on 
> the
> 1/ "This is Our Work. The Legacy of Sir William Osler."
> An edition of 250 copies with a leather hand bound cover special edition.
> All author signed and numbered copies. Plus another edition of a 1000 with
> standard dust jacket cover over regular cover.
> 2/ Re-published: "DOCTOR's WORK. The Legacy of Sir William Osler."
> Recently I was browsing "USED BOOK" internet locations looking for any of 
> my
> 8 published books with various publishing house's during past years. When 
> I
> discovered two copies of the "Leather hand bound Special Editions?"
> READY???
> One listed as "SPECIAL COLLECTOR COPY.... hand signed & numbered....
> "$2000.oo." USA dollars! The other $3000.oo! :-) Jeeeeeeeeeeesh if only I
> had a half dozen copies??????????? :-) :-)
> In any event I thought you might be interested with the end part of this
> publishing adventure?
> The publisher made a major sale of copies to the American Medical Assn. I
> mean bigtime sale! My royalty cheque in USA funds was to be for 
> $60,000.oo!
> Yep absolutely honest! HOWEVER!! :-)
> OH and before I get to the final lines...... Converting that amount to
> Canadian dollars at the time it would've amounted to??? "80,000.oo! Yeah I
> know yer all breathing deep and thinking all kinds of nice things etc!
> HOWEVER? The publisher put himself into receivership and I received
> NADDA!!!!! NOT A PENNY!!! :-(
> Nor a penny for my near ten years of photo production time in between
> regular paying assignments about the world.
> To say the least we shed a few tears!
> Have a nice day CREW! :-) If you don't smile at this yer going to be sick 
> as
> a dog!!!! :-( :-( :-( AAAAAAAAAACCCCCCKKKKKKK!!!
> cheers,
> Dr. ted :-)
> And every word is true!
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