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Subject: [Leica] My next Leica camera is a Sony A7
From: grduprey at (grduprey at
Date: Mon, 3 Nov 2014 11:47:52 -0600 (CST)

Hi Frank,

Sorry for the late comment, but have been away for a while.  I tried the A7 
with my M lenses,and found it worked good with normal and longer lenses, but 
was quite hard to get sharp focus with my wide angle lenses, even with its 
focus peaking, and I find I use the wides most of the time with my M8.  I 
will not switch art this time.


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Subject: [Leica] My next Leica camera is a Sony A7

Looking for the ideal camera:  Lots of pixels, EVF, accepts Leica glass if
possible, AF when I need it, MF and attendant focusing aids otherwise, not
$8K, takes SDHC cards, great and dependable metering system, Full Frame, not
a cropped sensor, etc.  Built in flash is a bonus.


What got me hooked was the EVF, and especially the enlarged EVF.... It is
addictive to be able to focus with a magnified view.   I noticed this on the
Fuji XE-1 I have, but the time delay from pushing the button and something
happening was too long .  Maybe a XT-1 or XE-2 would have fixed that, but
then I would have had a cropped sensor, and I am a WA type of person.. Not a
great combo.


I have an M9.  It is a great camera, but focusing is not optimum.  Lenses
over 90mm are really hard to compose as the VF is pretty much a Hail Mary at
that stage.  Some would say, go buy an M(240).  It offers a similar set of
specs as I want.  Easy to say, hard to part with the money for the M(240).
And the next iteration of Leica is bound to be yet another $1K.


I just received my new Sony A7.  Had a cheapo Leica M to Sony mount adapter
hanging about, just in case I eventually bought the A7.  Slapped on a 50


The benefit of more pixels is primarily the ability to NOT carry a long
lens.  You crop the image.  Saves weight.  Saves money ( no lens to purchase
).  I was not terribly into the pixel count issues, it is a nice side
benefit as I very rarely carry a long (over 75 or 90mm) lens.


When the opportunity presented itself, I decided to try out the A7 over the
XT-1.  ( used, thanks to Doug, and his friend) 


The image quality, with the A7 + Cheapo ( $12) Adapter + that LENS!!! And I
am just blown away with the resolution.


At roughly 200 yards, at F2 ( and probably 1/8000 of a second) I was able to
distinguish a hawk sitting on the electrical poles near the house. For
reference, the hawk was most likely 12-15 inches tall.


At about 6 yards, same exposures setup, I was able to distinguish the marks
on the head of an old, crusty, 6 penny nail in my fence. Focus accuracy is


Metering is superb.something Leica's pseudo spot meter lacks.


There is basically no delay from pushing the button to getting the shutter
to open.  Even in magnified focusing mode.


This kind of change does have its downsides.. My LR V4.4 will not read the
Sony files, but Adobe DNG Converter fixes that;  There is no in camera
correction for vignetting nor "distortion" ( as if Leica's pride and joy
mainstream lens needs too much); there is no EXIF file data to remember
which lens you had on at any time ( which would not be at all important
except for operations of vignetting and distortion correction.)


The camera does not have the same solid feel as a Leica ( any Leica short of
the CL and maybe the P+S models).  It will probably die faster than a M3
would.. Then again.. 


I need to become more familiar with the operational buttons, and menus,
however, I was able to get the camera working a bit more like I want it.


I wish more than ever that I had a fleet of Leica R glass, but not a single
one was ever in my kit.


It is not going with me tonight to shoot some fun fotos of a adult birthday
party.  No twinkle flash.  Then again, nothing really is ideal.


Frank Filippone

Red735i at


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