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Subject: [Leica] Hand troubles
From: grduprey at (grduprey at
Date: Sun, 17 Aug 2014 09:54:26 -0500 (CDT)

On the iPad, You do not need a $60 - 90 dollar cover, a very basic cover, or 
no cover is just fine.  Screw the cloud, have never set ours up on the 
cloud.  Yes you do need the Apple ID, but it is no cost and no different 
than essentially having a e-mail address.  I would get the one that can use 
wifi and cell phone, but you do not have to set up the phone until you need 
it, we never have used this, but it is available when we do.


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I guess you can look at it two ways in the money department.  First is that
Apple  upgrades the OS significantly, and Kathy's four year old iPad runs
the same stuff as my new one does.  I'm not sure that will always be the
case, but so far, it has.

The upcoming operating system will add more ability to keep music and
pictures in the cloud, so memory size willl not be such a factor, unless
you are off line a lot of the time.

Another thing about the iPads (and iPhones) is that when you want to trade
up, there's reasonable residual value either at the Apple store or at Best
Buy (where I always go.)

I think if you watch the deals online at Best Buy, you'll score pretty
good.  I got my Mini Retina with 4G for the same price as the wi-fi version
on sale, and I also had a coupon, so it came out under $300.

Of course, I wanted the data plan, so that adds to the cost, but my son who
works in the Hotel industry gets by fine without a data plan, as he can
always find wi-fi somewhere.  (Maybe not on I-49 like I did, though!)

I use the smart cover that I found on sale on Amazon, that turns the iPad
off, when you cover it, and a little clear plastic hard shell from the same
for the back the holds the front cover securely.  Total was about $40 and
adds very little bulk.

As far as Apple vs Windows on a pad, I think there will be a curve, no
matter what you choose.  I am NOT an Apple guy on computers, most
definitely. I don't even know how to get around the desktop of one.  I
happen use iPhones, so it was easy for me.

Anyhow, good luck.  (I'm typing this on my Sony Vaio Windows computer,
because I would never have been able to do it on an iPad!)


On Sun, Aug 17, 2014 at 12:46 AM, Peter Klein <pklein at> 

> Thanks, Phil, Sonny and everyone else.
> I went to the local Apple store today and looked at the iPad Mini Retina.
> While I liked it, two things stopped me:
> 1. Price, especially when the salesperson started steering me towards the
> more expensive iPad Air, informed me I'd need a $60-90 case, and by the
> way, let's set you up with an Apple ID, and how much Cloud service are you
> going to need...
> 2. The voice recognition software doesn't let you find a word or phrase on
> a Web page and click on it. So I still would be using my fingers for
> browsing beyond the initial lookup or URL. And in that case, why pay Apple
> prices since I'm a PC guy and not already in their orbit? Both iPad and
> Android will let you answer an email using voice dictation, and both will
> search the Web and open an app via voice.
> For a good deal less cash, I can pick up a current Nexus 7 tablet, which
> appears to do what I want, and has very good reviews. It will still get me
> off the PC and mouse for mail and casual browsing, which is the point of
> this exercise. So if somebody thinks that this choice is really dumb for
> some reason, please let me know, because the Nexus 7 is looking very good
> to me.
> As far as alternate pointing devices and ergonomic setup, I'm
> corresponding with a hand doctor who is also a musician, and will check
> with my own doc for a referral next week.  I'm going to play with Windows'
> voice recognition to see how I like it on the PC before springing for
> Dragon, but that's a possibility, too.  A cell-enabled tablet is not
> necessary for me, because my little Tracfone can do rudimentary Web over
> the cell network--it's just that the tiny screen makes most picture content
> too small.
> --Peter
> > Like Sonny, I've had great luck with the iPad Mini (retina). It probably
> > handles 80% of my computer tasks with ease. As others have said, it's not
> > ideal for serious keyboarding but for most other tasks I love it. If you
> go
> > that route you'll also need to consider whether to get one that allows
> you
> > to work where there's no wifi (via data plan). I decided against it for
> > economy, and also because I use mine mostly at home where I have wifi.
> >
> > BTW, photos look stunning on the retina display.
> >
> >
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