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Subject: [Leica] IMG: From the Holocaust (with photo link)
From: tedgrant at (Ted Grant)
Date: Thu, 7 Aug 2014 09:22:23 -0700
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"" But I must say, one of the things it teaches me is that there has to be a
place where Jewish people do not have to depend on others' good graces for
their survival.""

Hi Peter,
I agree whole heartedly! Having been with the soldiers and airmen of Israel
in battle action and suffered the horrid wailings of sirens during the Six
Day War 1967. Then on one horrid day at the Summer Olympics in Munich 1972,
eleven Israeli athletes murdered by those bent on destroying Israel and its
people was emotionally so depressing, I'll never get over it!

Adding to the depression on that day, the journalist and myself had been to
Dachau to do a story on the horrors of that death camp and had no idea of
the athlete kidnapping and consequent killing of them. Until later in the
day upon returning to Munich. We walked into the Media Press Center of the
'72 Summer Olympics that was our headquarters while covering the Games.

In a location where hundreds of photographers and journalists mingle nosily
SOBBING TO THEMSELVES!" One might say, the "quiet sound of hell!" 

We had already had our emotions torn apart during the visit in the death
Camp. As we drove back from Dachau we hardly said a word simply having been
overcome emotionally from what we saw of a "REAL DEATH CAMP". Then to walk
into, not a happening of many years ago during WW2. But the still ongoing
killings and murders of Israeli athletes of the day. We couldn't believe it!

I have absolutely no idea how the constant attempts to eliminate Israel and
the peoples there can be stopped? Maybe someday mankind of all stripes,
language, religious beliefs will realize "Let live and leave a lone the Jews
who wish to live in Israel! "JUST MAYBE SOME DAY?"



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Thank you, everyone who responded.  It's odd, I've had the copy of the 
Drancy "receipt" since 1998, when we visited Paris and were shown the 
original in the archives of the M?morial du Martyr Juif Inconnu. But 
I've not been able to bring myself to scan it until this week. I wanted 
my extended family to see it. But also, I'm reminded of the saying that 
it is easier to comprehend the suffering of one than the suffering of a 
thousand, or of six million.

George: Yes, these objects have a great deal of power to evoke memory 
and emotion.

Nathan, it's quite possible that our families knew each other. One of my 
grandmother's brothers sang in the choir at the central Paris Synagogue 
before WWI, in which he died. My grandfather lived off Rue de Rivoli, 
and my grandmothers' family lived on Rue des Jardins Saint Paul, later 
on Passage Basfois, north of where Opera Bastille is now.

Lluis, many of us get emotional about these things. Given what your 
country went through, you understand as well as anyone.

Susan, Tina: Yes, the Holocaust shows us what people are capable of at 
their absolute worst, when the "other" has been reduced to sub-human by 
hate.  There have been and continue to be other, less massive or 
efficient genocides. But I must say, one of the things it teaches me is 
that there has to be a place where Jewish people do not have to depend 
on others' good graces for their survival.


 > Thank you Peter for sharing with us these horrible documents of the 
 > I?m not indifferent at all when I see this, and all of such things 
made me
 > really emoted.
 > ?.
 > Best wishes
 > Lluis
 > El 06/08/2014, a las 01:14, Peter Klein <pklein at> 
 > > (oops, left off a link, sending again)
 > >
 > > In the Jewish calendar, today is Tisha B'Av, the traditional day of
 > > mourning for catastrophes that have befallen the Jewish people. In 
 > > spirit, here is the last surviving piece of documentation of my
 > > great-grandmother Anna Vogel, who was deported from her Paris 
apartment to
 > > the transit camp at Drancy, and then to the gas chambers at Auschwitz.
 > > < at N04/14836604864/>
 > > Here's a picture of Anna (center), with her husband Pinchas Vogel 
 > > who died during the Nazi occupation, and a close family friend, "Uncle
 > > Charlie," who survived the war in America and lived to hold the one
 > > year-old me before he died. My first and middle names are 
 > > of Pinchas and Anna.
 > > < at N04/14652291980/>
 > >
 > > Anna Vogel's name in the US Holocaust museum's database:
 > > <>
 > > Database entry for her daughter Jeanne (my Nana's sister), who was
 > > deported and murdered earlier, along with her child.
 > > <>
 > > More information on the deportation and extermination of French Jews:
 > > <>
 > >
 > > --Peter
 > >

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