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Subject: [Leica] OT - Sony Alpha 7R
From: jayanand at (Jayanand Govindaraj)
Date: Sun, 23 Feb 2014 08:29:26 +0530
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Well, I think the Sony A7/A7R resonates with precisely the sort of
hobbyist who likes Leica as well - trying out different lenses from
different generations, pixel peeping on ultimate quality, etc - only
landscape photographers who can take their time with every shot could
use this system for serious work with adapted lenses. My view is that
Sony just does not have the lens range for anyone to take their
cameras seriously over a hobbyist's level. Even if you look at the all
the examples posted on this forum, most, if not all, photographs are
of static, inanimate subjects. The pros are increasingly migrating to
Fuji for photojournalism and street work, for the simple reason that
the whole range is of a very convenient size with good quality
viewfinders, and more importantly has a good range of excellent native
lenses, and they get their job done with minimum hassles! At least, I
see this happening all around me here in India with professional
photojournalists whom I know....

I have been using a Nikon D800E since it was released, so I am aware
of just how good that sensor is in the A7R. If only Sony concentrated
a bit more on bringing out a range of lenses to match this sensor, it
would be to their advantage. But then, they used to make superb top of
the line, state of the art laptops as well (the Z series), but they
discontinued it, and have ended up selling their laptop division,
unable to compete with anybody in the mass market in that niche. I
have no doubts whatever that that is exactly the fate that will befall
their imaging division as well...

Just my two bits


On Sat, Feb 22, 2014 at 11:27 PM, Nathan Wajsman <photo at> 
> I'd love to hear Ted's perspective on this thread ;-)
> Nathan Wajsman
> Alicante, Spain
> Blog:
> On Feb 22, 2014, at 5:52 PM, Doug Herr wrote:
>> Frank Filippone wrote:
>> ( why there really is a
>> fine focus adjust feature in higher end cameras.. camera AF is adjusted by
>> the user to nail down the precise focus location.
>> <<<
>> AF micro-adjust is on DSLR cameras so that the user can compensate for 
>> the differences between the image plane at the AF sensor and at the image 
>> sensor, and for differences in the phase-detect system's assumption of 
>> the lens' focal length and the actual focal length (read: manufacturing 
>> tolerances).  A camera using the image sensor as the AF sensor eliminates 
>> the image plane discrepancy and a phase-detect + contrast-detect system 
>> such as used by the A7 eliminates the phase-detect system's focal length 
>> assumption discrepancy.  The A7 (and A6000) should have no need for AF 
>> micro-adjustment, likewise the A7r which is contrast-detect only.
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