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Subject: [Leica] Sony's paltry 36 megapixels
From: lrzeitlin at (lrzeitlin at
Date: Wed, 16 Oct 2013 20:34:58 -0400 (EDT)

Nathan writes:

While y'all were drooling over the new Sony with its paltry 36 
megapixels, I was dealing with SERIOUS pixels, scanning MF film, albeit 
the baby 645 variety. Here are four images from the roll of Fuji Acros 
I developed at the weekend:

Handsome couple outside Caf? Zurich:

A street in Barcelona:!i=2838257765&k=WSdJ4xT&lb=1&s=O

The view from Busot in the hills above Alicante:!i=2838257962&k=LDmFzGZ&lb=1&s=O

The port of El Campello with bad weather on its way:!i=2838258095&k=LwrfxNP&lb=1&s=O

I get better sharpness with my digital cameras, but I have yet to 
achieve such tonality using non-chemical methods.


Nathan Wajsman

- - - -

When did Luggers become obsessed with the technical aspects of camera 
design? Who cares what the sensor size of a digital camera is as long 
as it takes respectable pictures. I can remember when every decent 
photographer scorned 35 mm for its "postage stamp" sized negatives. 
Real photographers like Weegee and Margaret Bourke White used 4x5 Speed 
Graphics. Magazine photographers used 6x6 cm Rolleis and all fashion 
photographers until the 90s used Hassleblads. Even my Korean War era 
Kodak Medalist II with its 6x9 cm negative was scorned as a "miniature" 
by my newspaper colleagues. So unless you are a true technical expert 
stop blathering about the merits or demerits of the Sony with its "full 
frame" sensor, a camera which none of us has used or even seen. 
National Geographic just published a group of Jim Richardson's photos 
taken with an iPhone 5c. If they meet National Geographic's standards 
the sensor size is adequate for the Lug gallery.

Now on another note. I looked at Nathan's first picture in the Lug 
album and then looked at all the other pictures of Luggers nearby. It 
was interesting to see images of people I have never met but whose 
photos I admire. Some are no longer active on the Lug. If you don't 
know every Lugger by sight, look at Nathan's pictures. He travels more 
than most of us and gets to meet many more Lug members. Great stuff 

Larry Z