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Subject: [Leica] IMG and apology
From: sonc.hegr at (Sonny Carter)
Date: Thu, 4 Jul 2013 17:47:22 -0500
References: <>

On Thu, Jul 4, 2013 at 3:44 PM, <lrzeitlin at> wrote:

>  Sonny,
> I truly apologize for my intemperate remarks. I have lived near New York
> for 50 years and have adopted the New York strategy that when anyone
> attacks you, you strike back - hard. Otherwise people think you are a wimp
> and disrespect you even more. See the movie "Taxi Driver" for an example.

?No problem.  I worked for a New York firm, and used labs, editors and
optical houses up there.  A typical day in the office is like WWF.  On the
other hand, I dropped a ten dollar bill out of my pocket near Grand
Central, and three people stopped to tell me I dropped it.  I lived in the
Excelsior when it was a humble apartment hotel, and had the best coffee
shop on the planet.  I still dream of the toasted blueberry muffins there.

> I also didn't realize that you were not an unreconstructed southerner. It
> must be difficult being a liberal Democrat in Louisiana.

?There are lots of us here. We are just no longer the majority.  Faux
Snooze has the same inroads here that they have elsewhere.  ?

> In days gone by I traveled to Louisiana frequently as a consultant to the
> petrochemical complexes in Baton Rouge. I found the state hard to take,
> both environmentally and because of many of the bigoted attitudes of the
> locals.

?Environmental is getting to be the problem everywhere; so is bigotry.
Look at Wisconsin.

> I'm sure the feeling was mutual.


> For me, the only redeeming virtue was New Orleans, a truly decadent
> enjoyable city. It was an adult Disneyland with good food and excellent
> Dixieland music. Here is a photo snapped with a tiny Minox camera during
> one of my walks by the waterfront.

?I lived and worked in New Orleans for many years as a News Photographer,
and later as the Producer of the 5 o'clock at the ABC station..  I see it
as a more rounded place, but too much crime for my taste.?

> I am not on any medications save for a couple of Tylenol a day for an
> arthritic shoulder.

?Same ailment,  I use slightly stronger stuff. ?

> I don't even have that excuse for my comments about unconscious sexism.
> I'm just morally righteous. It's a personal failing.

?I'm pretty righteous too, probably why we clash.

> I'm happy to hear that your house has been restored.

?It has not been yet.  We are about two months from a finished project.
Fortunately we can isolate the damage while we rebuild.?

> We suffered damage similar to yours in Hurricane Sandy. The last fallen
> 100 year old oaks were removed from our house and driveway a couple of
> weeks ago. Living in a wooded rural area is always risky but with the aid
> of a generator and a chain saw, we manage.?Now all we have to worry about
> is the deer eating my wife's flowers and the coyotes eating the deer.

?Mostly racoons eating the cat food here, but an armadillo lives under the
house.  So many deer hunters in this area, they are kept in check.

> Regards to a fellow Democrat in a Republican enclave. You are a Democrat
> aren't you?

?I  vote Democrat Nationally.  Locally, I vote for the guy (or gal) who
supports higher education and public health.  ?


Natchitoches, Louisiana


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