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Subject: [Leica] a nice gift at a sad time
From: ruben at (Ruben Blædel)
Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2013 10:35:59 +0100
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Thank you Cedric for the tips on not damaging the parts and on film 
storage - much appreciated !

On 05-02-2013 11:43, Cedric Agie wrote:
> If you want to keep films B&W or color for a longer time, put them
> (airthight one by one) in a freezer. They can last for more than 10
> years. Take them out of the freezer the day before.
> Congratulations for the nice gift you received. You can be verrry
> proud of it. The Summicron 50  mm Near Focus is one of the best normal
> lenses Leitz ever made.
> Taking insects, flowers and other small objects gives wonderfull
> pictures. Be carefull with M-7 and Digital M camera's. Some do have a
> problem when you put them on the camera. Don't use force.  There is
> also a small black finger that protudes from the near focus device.
> The head can be screwed of and put on all  M Visoflex systhems.
> Kind Regards.
> Cedric Agie
> 13/2/5 Ric Carter <ricc at>:
>> He has likely to have lived long enough to understand the joy of passing 
>> that camera to a loving user who will explain its beauty to his 
>> grandchildren.
>> He is also safe in knowing it will not be cast off misunderstood or 
>> appreciated.
>> Now, do the same things with it he did!
>> We look forward to you sharing.
>> Ric Carter
>> On Feb 4, 2013, at 5:43 PM, Ruben Bl?del <ruben at> wrote:
>>> My father in law is 88 years old and has worked as a doctor almost all 
>>> his life in developing countries in Africa.
>>> Before he was stationed in Ethiopia in the late 1950ties and just a few 
>>> months after my wife was born he bought a Leica M3 with a Summicron 50 
>>> mm 2.0 with near field specs and a Leica meter. That Leica followed him 
>>> to Ethiopia and later to Tanzania, Kenya and Uganda. It was serviced at 
>>> Leica a couple of times due to fungi and other "illnesses" from being in 
>>> the humidity of the tropics but is in really good condition. All 
>>> pictures of my wife and her brothers growing up in Africa was shot with 
>>> that wonderful camera.
>>> This weekend I visited my father in law together with my wife and my two 
>>> daughters
>>> We had not seen him for a 5 weeks since as he needed peace trying to 
>>> recover from two cancer operations.
>>> He was very weak but insisted on sitting with us for a cup of tea.
>>> I lost my father last year so I know what is going trough my wifes and 
>>> children's heads - all the questions they would like to ask - the fear 
>>> of loosing him etc.
>>> It was tough trying not to show him how worried we all are.
>>> He is due for another surgery Thursday and the odds are not to good
>>> At the end of our visit he need to rest but just before we left he 
>>> called me and asked me if I would go into his study and fetch a box on 
>>> his desk
>>> I had no idea  what was going on, but i did bring the box to him, and he 
>>> opened it and asked me If I would like to have his Leica because he 
>>> thought that I would be the one that could bring it to good use.
>>> I was very proud and honored - and yet very sad because it felt like by 
>>> accepting this great gift from him, I also realized  that it might be 
>>> his way of saying that he would not be around for much longer - I guess 
>>> doctors have a way of knowing these kind of things.
>>> I feel the best way I can show my gratitude is by bringing it to good 
>>> use and shoot some beautiful pictures - I have not used analog for a 
>>> while - at work I no longer use slides but a Canon 5d 3 with - but I 
>>> still have some rolls of Efke B&W 25 ISO film - I actually look forward 
>>> to use analog again and especially with the close focus ability of the 
>>> 50 summicron.
>>> It might not be right away - but I will post a link when I get some film 
>>> through the old M3
>>> Have a lovely evening
>>> Ruben
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