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From: marielamaglia at (Mariela Maglia)
Date: Wed, 18 Jul 2012 09:30:18 +0200
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Thank you, Ted, for sharing with us this event.
For me it was a pleasure to meet and walk the streets of my beloved
Barcelona with your presence and bodyguards, Geoff & family, Daniel, Luis.
(Unfortunately I could not see Philippe and Nathan)
See you soon!
Mariela Maglia ;-)

2012/7/18 <tedgrant en>

> Hi Crew,
> Well what can be added to the wonderful times of Barcelona that hasn't been
> said and shown? It was a meeting of pure unadulterated magic and fun for
> all. :-) Combined with so many great and fun "Happy Snap" images! :-)
> Well I don't know if I looked all that happy in some? However the truth is
> now out! :-) I'm not as pretty as I was 50 years ago! ;-) ;-) Dang old guy!
> ;-)
> Love you guys and gals of the Barcelona gathering! And the ensuing week in
> London and Wales with
> family on the Welsh side. A very important time for me to begin turning my
> life around after the loss of my dear Irene.
> A great heartfelt wish of gratitude to everyone on the LUG who gave me
> encouragement to go to Barcelona. Thank you all so very much as it gave me
> moments of a past Olympics' covered. And the first time I've returned to an
> Olympic site where we worked our buns off fighting the other 1000
> photographers! Quite an emotional moment of life long past.
> Certainly with a huge thank you to Lluis for taking me to the stadium 20
> years later. :-) And in particular to the diving tower pool where one of my
> best sports photos of 62 years was captured! The diver in peak action
> leaving the tower and the city of Barcelona background.
> Phillip mon ami, what can I say for your most precious gift of a "Flower
> Portrait" that will become the centre piece of respect for Irene! To you
> and Alice my most heartfelt love of thanks! A pleasure indeed to meet you
> and spend time having fun! :-)
> To Geoff and family! First class folks all the way! Their children became
> my body guards against tripping off a curb or cobble stone. They don't come
> any better than these two children.
> Daniel Ridings! A first class "car finder!" ;-) "Old man Ted" finder after
> they lost me! :-) I knew where I was, I just didn't know what day it was
> after 24 hours of travelling around the world to get to Barcelona! :-) Damn
> I was stunned! Yea I know more than usual! :-) Daniel, a champion LUG chap
> and wonderful to talk with. What I found once again when meeting like this
> we solidify friendships as though we've known each other for years when in
> reality it's been on the screen!
> Mariela Maglia. It was indeed a pleasure to meet Mariela as she was
> interpreter, organizer and all round wonderful person roaming the streets
> with us. I'm sure there must be some nice photos of her in the multitude of
> photo e-mails.
> And a wonderful meeting for me was to finally come face to face with
> Nathan after all these years. We have missed a couple of times in bygone
> years and it finally happened! :-) Indeed a pleasure that many of you would
> enjoy speaking with this fine gentleman and photographer. Once again Nathan
> thank you for looking after my grandson when he visited Alicante several
> years ago.
> Last but not least was the great honour to be face to face with my friend
> Lluis after the many many e-mails about photography, Leica's and things.
> This was successful simply because Lluis did a champion job of working it
> out and guiding us through the streets as we snapped away at all kinds of
> things. And people! :-) Mostly from the tribe... LUGGITE!" :-)
> Now I'm slipping away as I'm back on the west coast of Canada and my sleep
> time is still in Barcelona time. So I must say good night all and hopefully
> tomorrow I may find a few snaps I can post.
> cheers and good night crew,
> ted
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