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Subject: [Leica] Was WTB: Nikon AR-1 soft release now finders
From: imagist3 at (George Lottermoser)
Date: Sat, 14 Jul 2012 20:01:40 -0500
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I agree Marty.
I've long ago given up using my R primes on the 5D.
Canon glass only on the 5D - just as the system was optimally designed to 

The recent "how about the Photar on the 5D sensor?" lapse into wishful 
thinking was just a silly momentary fantasy.

a note off the iPad, George

On Jul 14, 2012, at 7:31 PM, Marty Deveney <benedenia at> wrote:

> You need to remember what they're _for_.
>> It's really depressing that N and C have such poor finders.
> To be fair to Canon and Nikon, modern SLRs have very good finders for
> autofocus with lenses of moderate aperture, which is what they're
> designed for, but when you depart from that, it's like trying to take
> a sports car onto a beach.
>> I wanted to shoot the 12.5 Photar on the full frame 5D
>> but with the extreme bellows factor
>> I literally can hardly see through the view finder
>> even at f:1.9
>> The R8 is clear even fully stopped down.
> The real difference with the R8 is that you are looking at a ground
> glass focusing screen. As far as I can tell ALL modern AF SLRs use a
> focusing screen that is an engineered light pipe with microlenses on
> each surface, not ground glass. They only accept light from a narrow
> field of view, and in effect each microlens has its own aperture.
> They are much more efficient transmitters within their design spec,
> which is why the view looks so bright in the store with that f2.8 or
> f4-5.6 zoom, but are not so impressive with an f1.4 lens.  These are
> very good if you're using an autofocus system, but much less good if
> you're using an eye.
> The problem lies in the comparison - a lot of us have transitioned
> from manual focus cameras to dSLRs and have brought lenses and other
> equipment along for the ride.  In a way it's better (including for the
> manufacturers!) to just start from scratch.
> Marty
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