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Subject: [Leica] YOU JUST NEVER KNOW???????? :-)
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Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2012 18:17:43 -0500 (CDT)


Wish I could be there, but not this time.  Have a great time with the LUG 
team there, and have fun time taking photos and discussing the photos you 
bring to the table.


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Subject: Re: [Leica] YOU JUST NEVER KNOW???????? :-)

Jayanand Govindaraj OFFERED:
Subject: Re: [Leica] YOU JUST NEVER KNOW???????? :-)

> It was a great idea from Richard. I am glad you are enjoying our prints, 
> it
> is in actual fact an honour for us. I, for one, would be very happy to 
> have
> you to critique them.
> Cheers
> Jayanand

Quite frankly I am very honoured and warmed of heart you lads took the time 
to put it together. And a special big thanks to Richard for coming up with 
the idea. As it was, the large envelope arrived on one of those awful 
"flashback!" days that occur when you least expect them. :-(

Ok Crew, here's the plan!  I'll take them to Barcelona and we can have a 
round table critique and discussion. I'm sure someone can make a few notes 
as we go along and post them later. :-) Oh yes a few HAPPY SNAPS? ;-) As we 
pay attention slightly to the photos with great difficulties as the admiring 
senoritas walk by glancing at the great works of the "LUG LADS" about the 
world! Jeeesh somebody better remember to shoot a few. ;-) No not the 
senoritas you clowns! :-) :-) The guys looking at the photos! :-) Of course 
a slight peak at the senoritas wont hurt.;-)

As I've often said "We should be sitting around a table, beer in hand and 
talking about a picture. Seems like a rather great place to hold an out door 
critique session. What say you lads? :-)

See you in about 8 days! :-)

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