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Subject: [Leica] The BEST Happy Birthday LUG pictures ever.
From: grduprey at (grduprey at
Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2012 00:10:11 -0500 (CDT)

While most of that is just gobbldegook to me.  I sure appreciate your 
efforts and the time you put into the LUG server, keeping this bunch of 
people from falling into internet oblivion.


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Thank you, Richard. Nice pictures, delicious cheesecake, and nice sentiments.


The server that I'm touching is the current (4th generation) LUG server. I 
put it into service in February 2008 and already it's begging for 
replacement. It uses a quad-core Westmere Xeon 5160 chip with a Passmark 
rating of 1968, has 16GB of RAM, a truckload of disks on a 3ware RAID 
controller having 2 GB/s transfer rate, and occupies 4 units of rack space 
(a 4U chassis).

The 5 1U servers above it are a few months old and sport Xeon E3-1270 8-core 
processors with a Passmark rating of 9107, also 16GB of RAM, but use an 
Intel SSD-320 solid-state disk as the system drive and have a single 2TB 
SCSI-3 disk with 6 GB/s transfer.  They are about 10 times faster, use 1/3 
the electricity, and occupy 1/4 of the rack space. Oh, and they are quieter.

The current server is begging for replacement because I foolishly built it 
with hardware RAID (a 3ware card) and a gaggle of disks. I've had to replace 
the 3ware card and this second one is already misbehaving. I've learned that 
hardware RAID is a bad idea and that by using it you are creating a single 
point of catastrophic failure.

The first LUG server was a Microvax II in a BA123 enclosure that sounded 
like a jet engine, used 600 watts, and struggled to support 50 LUG emails 
per day.

Like Kyle Cassidy (remember him?) used to say here, "Keep pressing that 
shutter button. It will get unstuck". Not that digital camera shutter 
buttons ever get stuck...

Leica Users Group.
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