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Subject: [Leica] Thirsy2
From: chris at (Chris Crawford)
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2012 19:55:04 -0500

My parents dog isn't scared of anything, except Simba (and he's dead now).
Don't know why she was so scared. He was a HUGE cat, and he was
relentlessly mean to her, but still a 150lb dog shouldn't be scared of a
fat, old, declawed cat who was in poor health.

When I was in college, my parents had a hybrid wolf, and he was also
fearless...except around cats. When Simba was born at their house in 1994,
the mother cat and her kittens were in the house and the wolf-dog lived
outside. One day, the mother cat was sleeping on a chair, and her kittens
were in a box next to the chair. She was sleeping on her back, with her
belly exposed. The dog went in the house, walked up to her, and LICKED HER
BELLY. She went totally batshit psycho, and tore the dog's face up, then
jumped on his back and wouldn't let go! He was trying to buck the cat off
like a bull in a rodeo, and my dad tried to pull the cat off, and she
ripped his arms up too!

>From that moment on, that big, bad wolf (actually he was really friendly
to people) was frightened to death of ALL cats. He wouldn't even come near
a cat. Maybe my parents pyrenees dog had a bad experience like that when
she was younger? My parents got her from an animal shelter, so she was
several years old when they got her.

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On 2/17/12 6:46 PM, "George Lottermoser" <imagist3 at> wrote:

>On Feb 16, 2012, at 11:56 PM, Chris Crawford wrote:
>> One time, a rottweiler barked at my parents dog, and she immediately
>> raised the hair on her back, showed her teeth, and growled at that other
>> dog. It ran off! She'd stand up to a big, mean dog, but was literally
>> scared to death of my fat, old, declawed cat. I think she smiled for a
>> week after that cat died.
>My Great Pyrenees, Frost, feared no thing, no one.
>Regularly attempted to chase semi-trucks and trains.
>(needed to be on lead; attached to a strong human being because of this;
>along with the fact that the breed is hard wired to guard;
>which means - roam the "boundaries" for miles)
>9 PM every night he let it be known that the four cats
>could no longer move around the house;
>his bed time meant everybody's bed time.
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