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Subject: [Leica] A bit of a retrospective
From: tedgrant at (tedgrant at
Date: Mon, 5 Sep 2011 08:32:51 -0700
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Steve Unsworth offered:
Subject: Re: [Leica] A bit of a retrospective

>>Ted, thanks for taking the time to look at them. I've now added a few 

There are a couple I'm not as happy about as the others, but editing is 
always something I found difficult. I guess if I'm not sure about them they 
deserve to be deleted.<<<<<<<
Hi Steve,
As you and the rest of the crew know.... "We are our own worst editors!" 
It's a constant dilemma over the years as the shooter has far more 
involvement than just shooting the image.. "getting there, the emotion level 
at the time, the light and many other factors determining a choice on the 
light table or computer screen!"

I tried to work on the feelings of.... "If in doubt.... OUT!" and the shot 
wasn't used. Just put aside. Sometimes a tough call when the image has a 
high level of emotion attached at the moment of exposure! But you can go 
back for a second look as a good measure just in case.

When Sandy Carter worked with me she was a ruthless editor always on my case 
about quality of images! Her usual knife cutting comment?  " Do you mean to 
tell me that is one of your all time very best 10 photographs?" Sounds 
simple, right?

Actually, I think I feared the tone in her voice more, because sometimes it 
was like a rusty old razor blade being slowly dragged across your throat! 
:-) Oh we had some great "too & froes" verbally.:-)  But she always won as 
"she didn't have shooting the image emotions attached to the shot!" She was 
just a superlative editor looking at a photograph and delivering her vicious 
C&C to make me keep a high level of the photos expected of me.

My wife is similar in editing. But then she has 61 years experience since 
the beginning when she gave me my first camera as a birthday gift May 27, 
1950! And watching me grow as a photographer, the heart breaks and glories. 
Her perspective is similar to Sandy's. Trust me you don't want to have the 
two of them at the light table at the same time when they are agreeing with 
each other!!!! :-)  ME? I was on the floor cringing like whupped dog! ;-)

Yes and sometimes I won. Rarely! :-)

So Steve, the quiet "If in doubt, out" system usually works fairly well! :-)

But yer lookin' good so far! Please keep them coming because these 
days?????? The best work comes from the past!



On 4 Sep 2011, at 17:07, <tedgrant at> <tedgrant at> wrote:

> I've started to upload some photographs from the last 10 years or so to 
> 500px. So far there are 20 there and they at the moment I'm only uploading 
> black and white images.
> You can see them here?
> Hi Steve,
> My feelings on uploading older photos is..... "It's good for the heart and 
> soul of the poster!" Many of us shot so many different subjects over the 
> years that we hardly remember shooting many of them. :-)
> But what this does for the crew is? They see the mixture of our subjects 
> that don't exist today or we have moved onto to quite different subject 
> material.
> You've a neat selection so far and I'm looking foreward to others. Thanks,

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