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Subject: [Leica] IMG: Natascha's Close Up
From: hopsternew at (Geoff Hopkinson)
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2011 10:26:45 +1000
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Hi Tina (and everyone) thank you for your view point and taking the trouble
to post for me.
The three women are working models (fashion, advertising etc) and were
largely unposed by us (the students) and wore the clothing of their choice.
You and George have both commented on the disconnection vs. my usual family
and friends efforts. I appreciate and value the insights from you both (and
others off list) These are meant to be practice fashion photos and not in an
ideal environment, nothing more. The only unwelcome comment critiqued a
photo but WORSE suggested that the eyes were out of focus!

I don't consider them exploited at all though! You would be somewhat taken
aback if you saw their existing bodies of work I think. In this case we were
practising recognising lighting in a large city park and street and the pro
running the workshop was setting up everything. Communicating with the
subjects is certainly part of a skill set I am working on.

For reference for you on gender and impressions, you might be interested to
know that I think 10 or 12 of the 15 photographers were women. As for the
models themselves,

Izzy is currently in the cycle 7 of the Australian Next Top Model television
series and is a lovely lovely  graceful  6ft woman  with a china doll
complexion and totally unassuming manner. She also had bright pink and blue
hair. She has taken the time to speak with my daughter on her make up artist
aspirations too. Her daytime job is as a vampire (really!) in a theatre
restaurant venue). The odd Japanese wig is to disguise her makeover, not yet
Maybe some of your impressions came from the meant to be dramatic and
attention catching close up and others of Natascha who was practising
'sultry'. She is a very nice woman and very much in charge of what she wants
to do, as are they all. I made her laugh when I told her that she must have
had 'sultry' on her cornflakes that day. She was pleased to get some more
photos for her portfolio from me and while I enjoyed the challenge and the
drama from shooting in hard sun, my favourites are the quieter ones. Room
for a little glamour I hope on occasion though. No nudity or exploitation
nor anything else liable to offend.

Ruth is fairly locally based and was very pleased to get some natural light
photos from me that are quite different from the neon colours and alternate
fashion work she typically has. I hope to do some product type photos with
her (planning something with Leicas). I guess you saw that her hair is
apricot and yellow! Another nice woman to chat with, starting her own label
and pursuing a number of fashion related areas.


*Izzy for Prime Minister!*

On 26 August 2011 09:38, Tina Manley <images at> wrote:

> I'm going to be the contrarian here and say that I much prefer your natural
> photos of your daughter and her friends.  These photos from the workshop
> seem much too artificial, posed, and exploitive.  That's just a woman's
> point of view.  I don't see that the lighting workshop added anything to
> what you already knew.  They did provide models but there is no connection
> that I can see other than posing for the photographer.  Sorry, but I think
> your time would be better spent photographing people that you have a
> connection with.  I do not like these photos.  I do like your photos of
> your
> daughter and her friends.  There is an obvious difference to me.  Am I the
> only one?  Is it a gender thing?
> Tina
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