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Subject: [Leica] S2 envy...
From: roark.paul at (Paul Roark)
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2011 11:32:36 -0700
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Geoff Hopkinson <hopsternew at> wrote:
> ...
> For landscape photography of course the S2 could be superb but the M9 is
> showing strengths there too with some advantages in portability for 
> example.
> Ask Tina or Paul Roark or he who has not yet come out there!.

Just looking at camera systems as practical instruments to accomplish
some set of photographic goals, the M9 appears to do so, and for the
least weight and work.

Although I am probably guilty of buying more equipment than I need, if
I just look at the tools I actually use, the M mount camera system is
not overpriced relative to what it can do.  The M9 allows me to print
up to 22x28 inch single frame display images that meet my sharpness
standards (about 3 lp/mm is the goal) and other quality goals.  The M9
system simply wins the cost-benefit analysis for me and my type of
photography, at least at the current time.

The  aspect of the S2 that I think would add the most capability to
the M system for me is good through the lens viewing.  For fast
lenses, telephoto purposes, and whenever the limits of rangefinder
focusing hits its limits, TTL viewing could be very useful.

A second body as a backup would also be nice.

I suspect now that the compact electronic viewfinder cameras, combined
with M mount compatibility, are on the right track.

Bottom line, I don't see the S2 as a route that will have much
traction with people like me.  I wish Leica well with it, but I
suspect the M9 is a better platform and is and will remain a more
profitable route.

I will be very interested in Leica's development of electronic TTL
bodies.  But the M9 is and will probably remain a classic.


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