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Subject: [Leica] IMG: Australian Raptors
From: hopsternew at (Geoff Hopkinson)
Date: Mon, 13 Jun 2011 19:00:31 +1000

 We recently visted the splendid O'Reilly's guesthouse in the Lamington
National Park area of Australia. One attraction is a show at close range
with a number of (non-releasable) birds that have been nursed after injury
or otherwise rescued.  With profound apologies to Doug Herr and no claims
whatsoever for any skill on my part. The photos may be of interest

A rubber snake has a very bad day
Black Kite under training

Top bird of Australian raptors, the Wedgetail Eagle (six photos)

This was one of three non-releasable individuals (Della, Stella and Des I
think!). We were fascinated to be told that the wild eagles spot these
individuals from a very long distance and very recently had dived right past
the audience to attack one individual, rolling it across the ground in a
burst of feathers just feet from the audience. These show a captive that has
spotted a wild counterpart. They are carefully moved to safety now if this
looks like developing.
My wife had the opportunity to meet one individual at close range and was
thrilled with the experience. Brave lady!
 My wife also made quite a few nice photographs of creatures and sunsets,
taking advantage of the new Travel Zoom that I got to use where I may not
want to take my M or for those Leica stack occasions. Sadly it appears that
I am not getting that camera back now. I'll post some for her once they are


*Life's not black and white, except at both ends*

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