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Subject: [Leica] Leica Japan stories
From: gcr910 at (Greg Rubenstein)
Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2011 17:51:41 -0500

Hi, group:

Peter's experience runs contrary to my experiences in Japanese photo
stores stocking Leica gear; even in second-hand stores where things
are plastic wrapped. My experiences range from the vast Yodabashi
emporium in Shinjuku, to boutique shops on Ginza and a few places
recommended to me off list by a LUG lurker.

Once, in fact, I dropped an M7 with a 35mm/1.4 while in Shanghai.
Viewfinder glass smashed and lens focusing ring bent. Posted a note on
LUG asking if anyone knew of a place in Tokyo (I was headed there in
two days) that might make quick repairs or offer a loaner. Went to one
of the recommended places -- wish I could remember the name -- and
people were extraordinarily nice and helpful despite the language

Neither item could be fixed quickly, not surprising, but the people
offered expedited shipping and repairs that would take about 10 days.
Wasn't in Japan that long, but accepted their very generous offer of
the use of a 35/1.4 for the day I needed it. I had to insist that they
take my name and hotel information. Oh yes: the repairman at this shop
also took my damaged M7 and lens, then painstakingly stabilized and
wrapped the items to prevent further damage in transit. Would not take
any money.

This was a small store -- more like a private library with wooden,
glass-covered cases -- several floors up in a nondescript building
near Ginza. Would never have found the store and its superlative staff
if I hadn't been guided there by a very nice LUG lurker.

Yes, Peter, you should write to Solms and name store names and sales
peoples' names, if you have them. I'm not Japanese, but I am sorry you
had such unpleasant experiences.

Greg Rubenstein