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Subject: [Leica] eighteen years a Leica person
From: images at (Tina Manley)
Date: Sat, 23 Apr 2011 11:38:48 -0400
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Well, it's been 31 years for me as a Leica user and I still have almost
every Leica camera and lens that I ever bought.  I regretted selling the few
I did sell, so I'm just keeping them and using them!
1 M3, 2 M4s, 6 M6s, 1 M7, 2 M8s, 1 M9 1 R6.2, 1 R8, 1 R9 and I have slept
with them many, many times - usually in hammocks or sleeping bags.


On Fri, Apr 22, 2011 at 5:11 PM, Mark Rabiner <mark at> 

> Eighteen years ago today a long time dream came true for me and I became a
> Leica shooter as I swung my first M6 though some financial accident that I
> forgot about.  I was temporary financially unembarrassed. I'd gotten a new
> 50mm Summicron with it and still have both.
> I used to swim laps every morning and with every stroke on the upswing when
> my face came out of the water I  pre visualized a Leica M6.  Every morning
> for months I'm sure. I was obsessed. Me shooting with one.  It sitting in
> my
> camera bag. It seemed like an impossible dream. That was 1993.
> It was not until 1998 when I joined the LHSA Leica Historical Society of
> America with the simple act of sending in the subscription stub to the
> Viewfinder Magazine. At my first meeting that year in Denver I met Tom A.
> smoking a pipe outside of a meeting hall and I said "what's going on in
> there?" and he said "its a LUG meeting" and I said "what's a LUG meeting?"
> and within a year I was a registered LugNut posting hourly odd ramblings to
> the list ...  As the tech guy when you call Hasselblad called us when I
> called in there one day around then.
> If you told me then that my Leica would  be festering in my camera chest
> for
> five years while I played with some other new technology I'd have called
> you
> a damn liar to your face! But the world moves in mysterious ways.
> So as it happened ten years after becoming a Leica M6 person I got my first
> digital SLR a D100 for $1699.95 2 July 2003 and it was all downhill from
> there. I do think its the most exciting time to be a photographer since
> Daguerre  got together with Ni?pce to see if they could improve Ni?pce's
> process resulting in  Ni?pce  dropping dead and Daguerre coming out with
> the
> Daguerreotype in 1839; proving the importance of rubber gloves in the
> darkroom  and don't drink from an unlabeled beaker.
> And that's the history of photography as it relates to me.
> - I'm off to go make a Rabuerreotype.
> --------------------
> Mark William Rabiner
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> Leica Users Group.
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Tina Manley, ASMP

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