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Subject: [Leica] Barcelona in color
From: tedgrant at (tedgrant at
Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2011 13:48:36 -0700
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Bill Pearce wrote:
>If I were to express myself freely, it would probably result in my
>being banned from the internet. To put things simply, I am not pleased 
>with the far too common feeling that only B&W photos have value. Larry's 
>writing makes more sense than I could and is far more precise and less 
>profane that I would put things, but anyway, GO, LARRY!<<<

Hi Bill,
I never have any problem shooting either B&W or colour as some seem to think 
one is better than the other.
Quite frankly they are under certain circumstances and subjects call for it.

Once again I offer a look at my published medical books as proof of colour 
or B&W! Which would you use? Obviously on these subjects there isn't any 
question B&W wins hands down! Make sure you see one of the three 
publications before making a serious comment. Or maybe others on the LUG 
who've purchased copies can vouch for the B&W over colour use.

Or if you wish there are some medical examples on the website

And certainly no concerns about using profanity in your description of the 
B&W photography in the books. I'm cool with whatever description you wish. 
The first is an award winning book of coffee table size 14.5" X 14.5" 
leather bound 500 copies that sold at $250.00 per copy as signed & numbered 
works. A smashing copy if you can find one.

Another published work as of today 16 April 2011 you may like to see it 
right here on line. :-)

If so, please click on the website offered:

The feature story opens with the lead picture. If you care to see 17 more 
images of the feature click on the photo box then each photo as you wish. 
This type of feature has been running for the past 16 weeks! It has been an 
extremely interesting project of new homes every week..... great fun and a 
neat way for an old fart of 82 to still do his thing for a long time. :-) Oh 
yeah and there isn't any end to doing this ongoing series and I get paid for 
it! :-) Best part! ;-)

As  I've said on many occasions... "which equipment use and medium used" is 
determined by the assignment or the client hiring one to shoot it. Not 
necessarily by the photographer. However, I'd like to say after my tenure 
(61 years) as a professional photographer/photojournalist. At the moment I'm 
still having fun without question, as though I were a 20 year old doing my 
magic tricks with a camera! :-) If it isn't fun, why in heavens name would 
one bother with it? Amateur or professional!

Not sure this changes anyone's mind whether colour or B&W is best? But what 
the hell, do what you like, what the subject demands and what you have in 
your heart about the kind of photography... "YOU LIKE!" Not what a bunch of 
other folks think is right or wrong. After all isn't it your eyes that see 
the moments? Your reflexes that tell you "click!"

That's all folks.
Dr. ted

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