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Subject: [Leica] Leica S2
From: tedgrant at (tedgrant at
Date: Sun, 3 Apr 2011 20:22:10 -0700
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Hi Crew,
I've had one in hand for several hours to "play with!" No question, 
regardless of negative comments, quite frankly it's a dream Leica SLR! Yes 
it's true! .... However, I will only own one in my dreams unless I win the 
lottery! And if that should be the case I'd have two in the blink of an eye! 
:-) With all the lenses available! Seriously! :-) But the lottery must come 

WHY?  Well I've been a LEICA SLR user in my professional life for more years 
than I can remember, they served me more than well and rarely did I have any 
problems???? Other than the horrid situation of trying to get an R4 with 
motor replaced! .... You have all read that story on more than one occasion!

Need not repeat it.

But this S2 is like a beautiful R8 with motor drive in hand.... and my 
assessment of that??? The R8 with a motor drive was the best in the world! 
OK I suppose you could include the R9.

OK that's it, no point going on as I do believe I've made my point!

The S2 is a beauty of an incredible camera.......... "if you can afford it!" 
If not? Get over it, take a deep breath! WHY? Well bitching about the price 
you can't afford doesn't really matter! Now really does it?  Why not just 
feel good for the folks who can and are making it pay for itself!

Quite frankly this S2 camera isn't for the weekend warrior wonder happy 
snapper! Unless he or she has more money than brains!
Relax, life is too short for bitching and whining! Get over it, get out 
shooting some nice photographs with whatever equipment you own! ! Now don't 
you feel better? ;-)

Dr. ted

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