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Subject: [Leica] Does anyone still use film?
From: lrzeitlin at (Lawrence Zeitlin)
Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2011 22:10:29 -0500


I still use film, sort of. I was late coming to digital photography because
I had so much invested in film cameras (Leicas and Olympus) and lenses. It
seemed easier to keep on doing what I had done for half a century. I had an
epiphany when I bought a small P&S digital camera for traveling. I could
take hundreds of adequate snapshots without worrying about film development,
airport x-ray machines or tearing out the pocket of my jacket. The
experience spoiled me. As P&S digital cameras became better, I found that I
was using one more and more. Now I carry a tiny digital camera everywhere
for adventitious pictures. However when I need to make a serious image,
usually B&W, I pull out the Leica or the Olympus SLR. You can't beat the
quality of the lenses. I kept a few Nikkor tanks from my wet darkroom and
develop my own B&W film. The delay in getting negatives is only a couple of
hours. Then I scan the developed film. From that point on my work flow is
identical whether I've used digital or film cameras to snap the picture.

Some day I may replace my mechanical film cameras with digitals. With a M8
or M9 or even a Panasonic G2 I could still use the Leica glass. Alas,
selling my entire collection of Leica and Olympus bodies would just about
pay for the carrying case of an M9. I could buy a lifetime supply of film
with the cost of a digital Leica M.

Larry Z

- - -

It's been a while since I signed on the LUG but hope I havent't been

totally forgotten. In any case, a question comes to mind. Does

anyone still use film? I'm thinking about unloading some of my gear

(M6s,M3, etc.) but din't want to try if it's so passe' most won't

have an interest. :)