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Subject: [Leica] Hullo. Leice R Solution
From: tomschofield at (pamiesue)
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2011 00:19:14 -0800
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Leica Fotografie has an article about the reasoning behind the system 
lineup, by an unspecified author.  They didn't  make a digital R because 
they were afraid only existing R owners would buy it (corollary -- few new 
lens sales!) Pretty much the same info about the vaporware "R Solution." 
Being in the "concept stage" likely means its still just an idea they are 
bantering back and forth, but even at that it doesn't sound like it will be 
much different than an NEX/NX/EOS with an R adapter -- unless it happened to 
be FF or somehow work an auto diaphragm and open aperture metering mechanism 
into an adapter (REVIL?  EVILR?).  Basically, an EVIL camera with an AF 
mount and optional M and R mounts, that would also serve as an entry path 
into M.  Just to engage in sheer speculation, it almost sounds like they are 
describing the upcoming hybrid viewfinder Fuji with interchangeable 
lenses --  hmmm.

Of course, if an M10 were made with live view with a built in or optional 
EVF, and an R to M adapter, they could just call that the R solution!  .

This disappointed R user is getting cynical and very close to selling it off 
for a Nikanony outfit!


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