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Subject: [Leica] Nathan's PAD 31/12/2010: one sharp, one fuzzy...
From: tedgrant at (tedgrant at
Date: Sat, 1 Jan 2011 09:33:39 -0800
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Nathan Wajsman  showed the mood of the evening! :-) :-)
Subject: [Leica] Nathan's PAD 31/12/2010: one sharp, one fuzzy...

> Two for one again, but then again, it was New Year's Eve :-)
> The party was held at my wife's sister's on the outskirts of San Juan. 
> Around 7 or 8 p.m. I took this picture of her son with their dog, Achi (if 
> my cat had been here, he would probably have attacked the chihuahua, 
> confusing her with a large rat):
> And then, shortly before midnight (I think) I took this fuzzy picture 
> which I initially was going to delete as a wasted shot, but then I 
> realised that it is a very fitting image for New Year's Eve:
> And my headache and general disposition this morning tells me that it was 
> good party.

Hi Nathan,
A couple of lessons from last evenings' revels of fun and wild wild 
enjoyment of liquid refreshment! :-)

When you awaken take two Aspirin and call me later! ;-)

If you think there's the wildest possibility you might? While under the 
influence of liquid refreshment be welcoming the NEW YEAR under the 
influence of said liquid, try to make exposures? :-) Do this;

Trust me it can have staggering financial effects when some over joyful 
inebriated party person dumps a glass of "champagne" all over your camera. 
:-( Or worse, a large 1ltr glass of cheap beer leaving your camera dripping 
like a wet dish rag! :-( Think twice before getting the camera out. That one 
of course depends on "ones own state of celebration?" :-)

Early in the evening set the ISO - ASA to a high rating to avoid tooooo many 
blurred images either from ccccccamera sssssshake or subject motions while 
in the throes of wildly gyrating bodies during the NEW YEAR ritual dance. 

Or as you've illustrated in your second image, leave the camera set as it 
was at lower ASA and capture this wonderful moment of wildly celebrating 
human beings in the midst of their "WELCOMING the  NEW YEAR CEREMONIES!"

The truth is, if you were shooting one of those "LIFE  MAGAZINE goes to a 
party essays?"
This swirling beauty of motion in the heat of the moment may well be the 
lead image!   Unfortunately back in those days a lighting guy would've set 
strobe lights about the room on high stands and every frame would've been 
"FLASH MADE!" Unfortunately destroying any "real life" feelings of the 
moment as you've done.

I particularly like this blurred photo as a story telling image illustrating 
the celebration went very well! :-)


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